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A:A warble is a a lumpy abscess under the hide of domestic mammal caused by larvae of a botfly or warble fly, to sing by yodeling. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-warble ]
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Warbles are the larvae of the bot-fly (Cuterebra sp.). Warbles appear as a swelling or lump just under the skin. Upon closer examination you will see that there is a puncture or hole just above the lump. This is an air vent for the larva, w…
The warble is a hairy fly that becomes parasitic on cattle, deer and horses. It is scientifically known as the genus Hypoderma. Hypoderma lineatum is the term for horse warbles, and Hypoderma bovis is the term for cattle warbles. The warble…
Warble fly is a name given to the genus Hypoderma, large flies which are parasitic on cattle and deer. Other names include “heel flies”, “bomb flies”, and “gad flies”, while their larvae are often called “…

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How long does a warble “live” in a cat?
Q: ok my cat Tiger has a warble in his leg how long will it be there? and what can I do to help kill it?! help plz!?
A: call your vet ,the longer its there the more damage it can do.maybe try putting Vaseline on it and try getting it with tweezers when it comes out.good luck!
Hello, would you mind telling me the meaning of:war and warble?
Q: what is the difference between them, are the words have same uses and meaning?can you give me a couple of sentences please and how to use them in a sentence?
A: Hi khnmna. These two words have completely different meanings even though they start the same. War (noun) A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states or parties. Conflict and usually fighting between two or more countries or groups.Warble (verb) To sing with trills, runs, quavers or other melodic embellishments.Warble (noun) a. An abscessed boil-like swelling on the back of cattle, deer, and certain other animals caused by the larva of a warble fly.The warble fly, especially in its larval stage.A hard lump of tissue on a riding horse’s back caused by rubbing of the saddle.Millions of people, both soldiers and civillians were killed during the conflict of World War 2.The warble of birds singing their dawn chorus sounds so beautiful in the morning.
I want to know what a warble opening looks like? Will my cat keep getting holes in her legs? She has four now.
Q: I have a cat that has four holes in the side of her leg. She still runs around and has fun, but will she keep getting these holes in her? She started out with one and she keeps getting more. Are they all out or is she infested? I’ve been putting cream on it and cleanig the wound. Will that help? I have another cat, can this be past on to him? Is there a shot they can get to prevent this from happening? My female has had her indoor shots, she wasn’t an outside cat. Then I moved now she is indoor outdoor. So is my male cat. He hasn’t had any shots. Can that hurt him, knowing that he hasn’t had any? I really need an answer to this guestion.
A: Take your cat to the vet. He’ll be able to tell you why the cat has holes in her legs and how to stop it. I mean, THINK about it – if YOU had holes in your legs and they just kept coming, wouldn’t you want to be taken to the doctor?
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