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A:An abscess is a localized collection of pus that generally develops in response to infection. An abscess is typically painful, and it appears as a swollen area that is warm to the touch. The skin surrounding an abscess typically appears pink or red. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-abscess ]
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An abscess is a localized collection of pus which is surrounded by inflamed tissue. This can be very painful so its best to go see your doctor as soon as you can for treatment.
Amy Mar 11th, 2007 An abscess is a collection of pus that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue on the basis of an infectious process (usually caused by bacteria or parasites) or other foreign materials (e.g. splinters or bullet …
An abscess is a pus filled lump that can be painful. It can appear swollen and red. They can develop externally or internally. An external abscess develops just underneath the skin and is easily visible. An internal abscess develops inside …

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Can you get an abscess in a dental implant?also what are the signs thanks?
Q: hello,i have dental implants and the crowns are on for a few months now ,on the back tooth the gum or maybe the bone i dont know seems swollen like a round bump.is it possible to get an abscess in the bridge,or where the implants were placed?also is that serious what kind of pain would it be if it was an abscess since its not a real tooth is hard to know thanksthank you for your answer! i cannot get to the specialist for a couple of weeks,it is throbbing and darts of pain,can you die from an abscess? i do not have a fever,is there anything i can do salt water or listerene?if it spreads can you die ?
A: Although rare, infection can develop around an implant. The reasons may be food impaction under the gum around the implant, or the implant has failed.
What are natural remedies(home remedies) to treat an abscess?
Q: I am having an abscess under the skin. I have been taking anti-biotics for it as recommended by the doctor but there is no relief. I need to know any natural remedies to treat an abscess which is under the skinI had heard that dipping a washcloth in a hot infusion of chamomile tea does some work. But the abscess just became red and softer. Is it bad or good?
A: Add 1 cup vinegar to your baths(which you should take every night)Put a small amount of anti biotic up your nose. I know it sounds gross, but that’s what my doctor said to doIf the abscess is not responding to your prescription, then it might be MRSA, an anti biotic resistant strain of abscess. Discuss with your doctor about the possibility of MRSA testing. If it turns out to be MRSA, then they will probably change your prescription. Hopefully that will work.Also, I know it hurts, but clean it every night. Also, if you’re brave enough, STERILIZE your hands and just kinda take the scab off the top of the abscess. This should cause the pus to come out. Clean it up thoroughly, then throw away whatever you used to clean up the pus. This should relieve it a lot.However, if the abscess does not go away after this, go to your doctor and they will lance it. It hurts, but it makes the abscess go away, and if none of the above stuff works, then your abscess will do nothing but get worse. And make sure to keep the house clean, especially if you are living with other people.
What is the difference between an abscess and a boil?
Q: is an abscess and a boil treated the same way? what are the differences between them? What causes them to occur?
A: Boils are caused usually by a bacteria. An abscess is caused by an infection witch causes swelling and should be looked at by a doctor or dentist, because the infection could travel through your body and then you’re in trouble. Good Luck
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