What is another medical term for ulcer

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A:Other medical terms used for ulcer are: abscess, boil, canker, carbuncle, lesion, peptic ulcer, pustule. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-another-medical-term-for-ulcer ]
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Is epistaxis the medical term for an ulcer?
No, it is the term for a nosebleed.

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Acetaminophen and liver damage?
Q: My boyfriend has chronic back pain. He takes handfuls (up to 8 at a time) of 500 mg acetaminophen tablets about 5 times a day.Now, I have read that taking more than 4000 mg a day can cause liver damage.He did have a perforated ulcer a few months ago which was probably caused by a combination of the pills, plus smoking, plus not eating regular meals.I am wondering what are the chances that he has liver damage, and whether it would be reversible if he was able to get proper medical care. If not, what are some of the long term effects? Could he get cirrhosis? Liver cancer?He does not drink alcohol. NOTE TO HATERS: PLEASE don’t waste my time saying “What an idiot, why doesn’t he go to a doctor?” Do you think he likes being in pain? He finally has a job where he will get insurance but not for another 90 days, and he can’t keep going to the ER to get Vicodin and racking up thousands in debt.
A: yes, he can hurt his liver, and probably already has if he has been doing this a while. Liver damage is not reversable, and it is a hard way to die when your liver is shot. Please encourage him to use less acetaminophen and try other methods like heat packs, muscle rubs, ice compresses, stretching, yoga, etc etc. Vicodin also has acetaminophen in it- you mentioned he takes that/or has in the past. Just an FYI. I would encourage him to get a general practitioner doctor as soon as possible, and have his back pain adressed! (If he can’t do it immediately!!!)
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