What is bypass surgery

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Bypass surgery is replacement of coronary arteries with a graft. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-bypass-surgery ]
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Do you want to be a heart doctor? Bypass surgery is when a trained heart doctor uses veins from your body to bypass clooged arteries to produce a better flow of blood to the heart.
The terms single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass, quadruple bypass and quintuple bypass refer to the number of coronary arteries bypassed in the procedure.
Normally it’s performed when there’s a blockage in an artery or vein. My understanding is that they will cut the vein below the blockage and reconnect it above the blockage, thus BYPASSing it. – see http://www.americanheart.org/presenter….

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What are the downsides to gastric bypass surgery?
Q: specifically what are the nutritional ramifications because I have read that B-vitamins and protein cannot be absorbed because of the portion of small intestine that is bypassed. Also, what happens if there is a pregancy? What happens to a developing fetus if the B-vitamins and protein is not accessible? What are other downsides to gastric bypass surgery? I want to make the best informed decision and I am afraid that I am only hearing of the “up” sides of surgery or at best “sugar coated” negative sides to the surgery. I would like the most information anyone is able to give me! Thank you!
A: If I was interested in that kind of surgery, I would go to my family doctor. He will be able to answer all your questions. In fact he can refer you to a doctor that can help you. Please, be very careful on deciding to have the surgery and be sure to shop for an absolute, 100% for real doctor that knows his business. I will be anxious for you. And I pray you will make the right decision . Thanks and God Bless.
Why would a patient not be a good candidate for heart bypass surgery and already have two stents placed?
Q: My father-in-law is 58yrs old and used to be a heavy smoker. They have put in two stents and wanted to do bypass surgery. But they told him they have done all they could for him and he was not a good candidate for surgery. What are his chances of survival and why would he not be able to have the surgery?
A: Hi Bn,You seem to know the answer. The answer is in your question, ” …used to be a heavy smoker.” He has smoked his lungs and saving the heart is not of much use without the lungs.
What is the purpose of drinking high protein shakes before gastric bypass surgery?
Q: My doctor has me drinking nothing but water and high protein shakes (Ultramet 42 protien) before my bypass surgery. They are making me so sick that i had to stop drinking them. I feel like i want to throw up all day and i just cannot sleep since i have been taking them. I am more depressed and less energy. I stopped drinking them and just waiting for my body to get back to normal. What is the real purpose of drinking these shakes? Do i HAVE to drink them for the surgery to be done?
A: maybe there’s another kind of protein shake you can take. you can buy them at a health food store, the salesman should be knowledgeable about it at gnc. it wont be the same as the doctor prescribed one but it’ll have vitimines in it that you may be able to compare to the one you have that makes you sick & i’m sure it’ll taste a lot better. you really should ask ur doctor but if you didn’t drink them for ur first g.b. maybe it won’t harm if you don’t drink it this time either. i hate to see you so sick.
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