What is Danny Gokey doing

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He set up a foundation Sophia’s Heart last year in memory of his wife, Sophia, who died last summer during heart surgery. ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-danny-gokey-doing ]
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What is Danny Gokey planning on doing now that he is off American…?
“Gokey will tour and record an album.” The morning after being voted off America’s most popular reality show, Milwaukee’s Danny Gokey was already planning his next steps — and they don’t involve his music. “During this compet…
What is American Idol contestant Danny Gokey currently doing?
‘American Idol’ alum Danny Gokey has signed a country record deal. Gokey signed with RCA Nashville.

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am i the only person who thinks danny gokey should have got voted off a LONGGG time ago?
Q: honestly, i am sooo madd!!! dude that danny gokey person is STILL on american idol! Matt and Allison were my favorites and tonight allison and danny were in the bottom 2 and she got off! what do you think about danny gokey??? i dont like him! sure he can sing, but i just dont like him!
A: This is obviously an older question. As you know by now, Allison Iraheta is gone. Considering Danny Gokey’s pathetic rendition of Aerosmith’s” “Dream On” the other night, and that ear-piercing shriek he let out at the end of the song, I think he should’ve been booted out tonight. It was embarrassing! Like listening to the pope fart in the middle of a speech inside a crowded cathedral. Personally, I don’t think he has much talent either. But then again, there a lot of people in America with bad hearing. What can I say?
Do you think Danny Gokey is the next to go?
Q: I LOVE Danny Gokey to death but many people are saying that he is leaving on wednesday. I am very sad because i know that he is better than kris. What do you think?
A: I dont think that Danny isnt going anywhere. Ive got a feeling that Kris Allen will be going home this week. Kris isnt as good of a singer as Danny. The judges especially Simon Cowell wants an Adam/Danny finale. The judges have been pimping Adam and Danny the entire competion. Danny and Adam are the chosen ones. Theyre the judges favorites. Simon doesnt like Kris. Hes always critisizng Kris’s performances. Kris isnt a favortie of Simons
Do you think Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey will be the 2 finalists for American Idol?
Q: I just read a Yahoo blog that says they will be… I mean, Adam is amazing in his way, his performances are always unpredictable and extravagant. Danny’s pretty good too, but I think he’s mediocre type good.What about the other great contestants?Like Matt Giruard? He is amazing at riffing and he’s an incredible singer. Kris too!
A: I’m really hoping for an Adam and Kris finale. Kris has been unique every week. He always adds his own style to the song, just as Adam does.I really don’t understand the appeal of Danny Gokey. I have never been wowed by him as I have by Adam and Kris.The only problem with an Adam/Kris finale is who to vote for because I like them both, but I guess in the end, Adam is the bigger talent and will get the votes. But, we will probably see more of Kris regardless of the outcome of the show.
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