What is lazer eye surgery

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PRK is an outpatient procedure generally performed with local anesthetic eye drops. This type of refractive surgery gently reshapes the cornea (more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-lazer-eye-surgery ]
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What is lazer eye surgery
PRK is an outpatient procedure generally performed with local anesthetic eye drops. This type of refractive surgery gently reshapes the cornea (more)
Is lazer eye surgery safe?
Both my aunts had it done over 8 years ago and they didn’t have any problems. My cousin had it done 3 years ago and she didn’t have any issues either. Although she still has to wear glasses when she’s on the computer she doesn’ thave to dea…
Can i get lazer eye surgery?
Yes, you are too young; not only are your eyes still potentially changing, you have an astigmatism, which complicates correcting your vision, and you cannot (in the US) sign a legally binding contract which would allow you to accept the r…

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When a person gets lazer eye surgery can they then see better than a person born with good eyes.?
Q: my bro got lazer eye surgery and he says he can see better than i can, i am the only person in my family with good eyes and i have no problem with my vision. my eyes are great! can he see better than i can with lazer surgery? if he can see better than me what does he see better? are things more clear, more colorful, or can he see farther?
A: naa. its nothing like that.if somebody got lazer surgery, they can things perfectly. and how does he know that he can see better than u? thats impossible to say. (unless u did some competetition on who sees better) laser surgery makes eyes see everything they way a NORMAL person sees. they don’t need to wear glasses or anything like that. i dont think he can see farther. he can see what you or any person with normal eyes can see. there’s nothing special about laser surgery, except they dont have to wear glasses. and, i guess he’s saying that he can see better because he’s just too excited that he can clear w/o glasses.
i wanna know if i can get lazer eye surgery?
Q: my vision is 20/200 i wanna know if i can get lazer eye surgery and what are risks?
A: As long as you are over 21, then yes. Risks is basically blindness.
lazer eye surgery, is it all its cracked up to be?
Q: i think its called lazek eye surgery but I’m not sure i am planning to get it done as an eighteenth birthday present for myself. everywhere it says its really easy and safe and it works and everything, iv seen it been done they cut a little flap of eye over then zap your eye then flap the bit of your eye over again really disturbing but i want to hear what just general people have heard or experienced. anyone have any knolage or anything?
A: Dear Paul,Nothing to fear. I think it would be a great birthday gift to yourself! I only caution you to make sure you know the doctors performing the surgery. In other words, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! We want you seeing correctly when it’s all said and done! When you complete the surgery, I recommend you take some eyebright supplements for quicker healing. Of course, as soon as, the surgery is done, you will be seeing clearer, but with a slight haze as if you are under water with your eyes open. MAKE SURE, you go straight home and rest those eyes! DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING! So make an evening appointment so someone else can drive you home and GO TO BED! Trust me, if you don’t, your eyes will feel like horrible sandpaper on the inside that you will just have to let pass over with some remedy of artificial tear drops. GET INSURANCE TOO! (just more benefits) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEM TO PUT THE ARTIFCIAL TEARS IN YOUR TEAR DUCTS TOO! Trust me, you’ll need all the lubrication you can get. It may be slightly higher, but well worth the sight! Yes, I had the surgery and see clearly now!
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