What is the cause of a Sty in your eye

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A:A sty is a pimple or abscess and it is an infection caused by bacteria that normally live peacefully on the eyelid skin surface. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cause-of-a-sty-in-your-eye ]
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What is the cause of a sty in the eye
The cause of a sty is a bacterial infection, usually staphylococcus. The bacterial infection develops near the root of an eyelash.
Would crying cause a sty in your eye?
A sty is usually caused by an infected oil gland in your eyelash area. It is possible that by crying and rubbing your eyes you could have irritated the gland and caused an infection.
Why causes a sty on the human eye?
Styes are infections (usually from the staphylococcal bacteria) of the tiny glands in the eyelids. They are really small abscesses, and the bumps are red and tender. they grow to full size over a day or two. Another type of bump in the eyel…

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What causes a sty in your eye,and how do you get rid of it?
Q: The sty is located inderneath my right eyelid.It came to a head underneath my eye and burst.There was puss and blood all over my eye.I was told to put my first morning pee on my eyes.Also,to get a real gold ring and rub it on the sty.The enzymes or whatever help heal it.I don’t wanna do that .
A: They’re cause by a small infection in one of the spots where your eye lashes grow. It’s pretty common and there are really not many things that can help. First things first.. DO NOT try to pop it or anything like that because the infection will spread. Instead try getting a towel and soak it in warm to hot water. Then just put it on the eye. Hope that helps.
What could be wrong with my eye?
Q: The white part of my eye is swelled up around the colored part of it and there is also a bump in the corner not on the eyelid. I have had a sty before but the lump is on the white part of my eye. And thanks for answering my question about the contact I foud out that I have a bump. Are there any problems that causes a bump on your eye and you eye to swell?
A: It sounds like you are describing two separate conditions. When the “white part” of the eye swells up around the “colored part” it is called “chemosis”. Chemosis is an INFLAMMATORY condition not an INFECTION. Chemosis can be caused by exposure to toxic substances like chemicals but usually it tends to be seen with allergic reactions. If you have quite a bit of itching it is almost definitely an allergic reaction. If not, it could be toxic.The bump in the corner of your eye is probably an inflamed pinguecula. Most pinguecula are chronic and unassociated with disease. They are thought to be related to exposure to irritants such as wind, sun, dust, etc. but nobody really knows for sure. Most pingueculae tend to occur in th corner of your eye closest to the nose but can occur on the corner closest to the ear. You probably have had the pinguecula for some time but it is much more noticeable when you have a chemosis. But only way to know for sure is to get it checked out by an eye doctor. Both a chemosis and an inflamed pinguecula tend to respond well to topical steroid treatment with drugs like Pred Forte, etc. Hope this helped.
This “New flu”, what are your symptoms if you are sick with it?
Q: Currently, my entire family is ill. We have gone through about one month of various symptoms. I’d have to say that of all the illness’s I’ve experienced in my life, this is THE worst of them all. We started with a cough. Then a chest cold. Then it started to clear up, but moved to the head. The nose clogged up, and was runny at the same time. Sinus drainage began, and then fever that would spike and break repeatedly. Finally that went away and the sinus stuff began to clear up. But then it moves back into the chest, and you cough until your throat is raw. Your glands in your throat swell up, and this dry sensation begins to sting you and cause you to have a painful cough. Then it moves back into your head and clogs your ear tubs, so you loose partial hearing. Then it attacks your eyes and turns into something similar to pink eye, but it’s not itchy… just waters a lot and goops up – turns red. It hurts a bit like a sty would, but the tear duct is clear. Very confusing. Anyone else??
A: My entire family has been sick as well. We are going on a full 2 weeks with it now. The exact same thing as your family. Seems like one person clears up and another gets worse. I think the sinus pain and pressure has been the worst. We are a family of 6 and I have already spent a small fortune on meds and the cold/flu season has just started. Hope your family feels better soon.
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