What is the name of a doctor that studies feet

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You are thinking of a podiatrist. Many podiatrists have from 1-4 years of residency training to study foot care and surgery. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-of-a-doctor-that-studies-feet ]
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What is the name of a doctor that studies feet
You are thinking of a podiatrist. Many podiatrists have from 1-4 years of residency training to study foot care and surgery.

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Which name suits the character best?
Q: She’s around nineteen or twenty, and the year is 1897. By heritege, she’s Norweigan and British, and her parents are living in London. They’re nobility, very blue-blooded, but poor, though they try to keep this a secret. Her father’s a gambler and so, despite their large estate and title, they have only one maid and rarely buy new clothing. It’s quality clothing- silks and velvets- but somewhat tattered. Her parents are extremely focused on marrying her well; they hope they’ll find a wealthy merchant’s son who will want her title, and in this way they’ll be wealthy again. This character is very much the lady- she strives to be what her parents want her to be, well-mannered and delicate and prim, and accomplishes it well- not because her parents want it, but because she truly believes it is proper. She’s not outspoken and generally defers to those around her.However, at one point, a couple- both doctors, including the wife- come to her family and offer them a great deal of money to use her in their “studies”. They are scientists of eugenics- the belief that humans could breed a better race by sterilizing those who are “feeble-minded” or have poor breeding. Because my character has very blue blood, they want her to come to their facility. Her parents eagerly agree for the money, and for the first time, my main character wonders if perhaps they’re wrong. However, she’s quickly subdued again and agrees to go.Once there, she’s given a lovely room and takes her tea in the parlor with several other aristocratic girls. However, one day, when she’s watching one of the doctors- the one who started the eugenics movement and the facility- gives a speech. She sees something under his clothing- he’s wearing iron chains on his feet, and they’re raw and bleeding. She discovers that once he saw how his science of eugenics was corrupting people, how people were losing their liberty and rights over it, he tried to recant and stop it- but it was too late, and others didn’t want their public leader shown to disagree with it, so they imprisoned him. Horrified (because, of course, she’s too soft to see something so violent), she flees to her room and tries to pack up her things and tries to leave- only to find her door is locked. The couple who are both doctors find her and escort her to a room where a young man is waiting. They order them to reproduce, as if they’re animals. Terrified and emotionally in tatters, she ducks under their arms and flees, climbing out through a window and trying to escape into the woods. She meets a kind man who helps her into his carriage- only to be taken back to the doctor couple, who declare her now insane and unworthy to reproduce- and, with her parents’ humiliated consent, lock her in a mental asylum to make sure that no one believes what she says.Essentially, this will go on and she’ll emerge a very different person- someone with a temper, someone who fights, rebellious and undiplomatic, someone who’s strong. Toughened by her experiences, she’ll start caring for the other girls who were locked in the asylum by the doctor couple, and fight back.Thanks for reading all that. Here’s a list of the names I’m considering:ElizabethValerieVioletHarrietVictoriaMathildaLillianLeah
A: She sounds like an Artemis, read up on her history. Alice was a popular name in that era, as were Minnie, Sarah, Anna, Grace, Ida, Florence, Clara, Rose, etc. Diana is the equivalent of Artemis, and a name that’s easier to slip into a story. I like the names Violet and Viola, myself. Spell it Leigh if you opt for that one. Vera is another great name, it means faith.
baby names ……………..?
Q: don’t report or i’ll be a sad panda1. You just got married to the love of your life named ________. What flowers were used at your wedding? And where was the wedding?2. Before you go on your honeymoon you find out you are pregnant and have to be on bed rest cause you are having twins! 9 months later you give birth to a boy and girl. The first names can be anything you want, the boys middle name has to do with the place you got married, the girls middle name is the flower you used at your wedding.3. A year later you finally get to go on that honeymoon, you leave your kids in the care of your mother who’s named ________. Where do you go on the honeymoon? Well guess what you come home and find out you are pregnant again, with yet another set of twins! They are two girls this time. One girls name starts with V, one girls starts with A. One middle name is your mothers or similar, and the other middle name has to do with the place you went to on the honeymoon. What are the names?4. Four years later the youngest twins are in preschool, the oldest in kindergarten and you have become super mom. You really miss having a baby but just one instead of twins. You decide to adopt a little 5 year old boy with the first name Brandon. He has no middle name and wants you to choose one from a childrens book. What name do you choose?5. Three years later Brandon is 8, the oldest twins are 8, youngest are 7. You decide to get an exotic and unique pet for them all, what kind is it and what do you name it. Post a pic if you want!6. Around the same time you get the pet you find you are pregnant again! You are anticipating twins but it is one girl. You can tell she is going to be a girly girl, give her a very feminine first name and an old fashioned/classic middle name.Optional: The kids are all grown up nowYour boy twin has a sucessful job as a ________ and is married with two boys named:Your oldest girl twin is a florist with three little girls all with flower names. What are they named?Your twin girl starting with the letter V is single living in New York and designs _________ for a living.Your twin girl starting with the letter A is living in the country (say what city), and is a doctor of _________ ( example: pediatrican, foot doctor, vet?)Brandon has become in author, what kind? (say the genre). He got married and also adopted a boy and girl named ___________.Your youngest is in college studying to be a __________. She had a son at a very young age that she gave an old fashioned name. What is it?Sorry if its random and long i get into these things, star if it was fun :)your mom loves me though
A: 1. His name is Andre Daniel, and my name is Christina Jane.http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/86802101We got married on the beach in California, and used lilies and roses in our wedding.2. Ethan Cruz (after Santa Cruz, Cali) and Alexandria RoseEthan:http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/88778439/OJO-ImagesAlexandria:http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/78735922/AsiaPix3. My mother’s name is Rachael. We go to France. The twins are Annabella Rachael and Vanessa Paris.http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/10145541/Riser4. Brandon Thomas (after Thomas the Tank Engine)http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/91333163/Stone5. A sugar glider named Stella.http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/77939685/Visuals-Unlimited6. Tessa Charlottehttp://www.gettyimages.com/detail/200194701-001/Digital-Vision7. Ethan has a successful job as a photojournalist and is married with two boys named: Austin and Reeve.Alexandria is a florist with three little girls all with flower names: Jasmine, Heather, and Lily.Vanessa is single living in New York and designs shoes and purses for a living.Annabella is living in East Moline, Illinois, and is a veterinarian specializing in horses and other large animals.Brandon has become an author of suspense thrillers. He got married and also adopted a boy and girl named Jacob and Eva.Tessa is in college studying to be a radiology technician. She had a son at a very young age that she named Zechariah (Zeke for short).
Possibility of Autism in one of my twins..?
Q: I had concerns about one of my 19 month old twins hearing and asked for another check up which we attended yesterday. During the visit the doctors were unable to figure out if he was just ignoring us or if it was something to do with his hearing. The doctors mentioned ASD whilst discussing what action to take and have referred him to an Early Intervention Centre. I will be waiting a few months maybe more to get an appointment and in the mean time I am driving myself crazy with worry. I have almost convinced myself that we will in fact get some diagnosis related to the autism spectrum. His symptoms are as follows: rocking/flapping arms, lack of eye contact unless we are singing a familiar song to him, has never once reacted to his own name, has no words so to speak, does not point at things that he wants or likes and if I point, he looks at my finger rather than the object, grinds teeth, pinches his eye lids, rolls his eyes, plays with the wheels of his upturned cars, turns his push chair over to play with the wheels, doesnt play with toys much, doesnt respond when i try to play with him, he likes to play/fiddle with things alone, gets annoyed and angry with praise/attention/cuddles, flips his fingers and feet and studies them intently, crys over loud household noises yet wont look when you shake a rattly toy, laughs hysterically for no reason. He doesnt interact with his twin brother much, either ignoring him completely or pushing him off when he trys to cuddle him. He sometimes falls over for no reason and doesnt even cry most of the time if he gets a bump.On the other hand, he is a great sleeper and eater, has never thrown a tantrum even once, understands the word NO, babbles constantly, and says ‘yeah’ a lot when i ask him questions. What am I to think? He was slow to crawl and in fact went from crawling to walking in a few days at the age of about 15 months. We always thought he was just developing a little slower and was just a very relaxed baby (unlike his twin brother) and that the little things he does are just his little quirks. I am feeling so sad, emotional and worried. Can anybody else relate to this?just to add that we discontinued his vaccs at 4 months because my instinct was telling me to do so
A: Looks like autism. But, don’t fret, my children no longer have autism. It’s not easy, but many recover their children before school starts. Places to go to learn how are:www.heidinotes.comwww.generationrescue.orgwww.liafoundation.orgwww.autism.comYahoo Groups on autism biomed
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