What is the quickest way to make swelling from a surgery go down

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I really need to know what is swelling, but for just a general answer, stay off it.Rest is very important.Don’t put pressure on it [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-quickest-way-to-make-swelling-from-a-surgery-go-down ]
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What is the quickest way to make swelling from a surgery go down?
I really need to know what is swelling, but for just a general answer, stay off it.Rest is very important.Don’t put pressure on it

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In New York, can you receive SSI and Public Assistance? Which do you apply for first? Better to leave one out?
Q: Public Assistance here in New York seems to be very restrictive, and goes overboard in trying to “get people off the rolls”. According to my mother who went through the process, she was wheelchair bound, so the worker didn’t believe her at the end of the review, and at the the street corner held her up and just dropped her. My mom came back horrified and bruised, and everyone had to lift her up, and they still made her attend a mandatory meeting in manhattan after that that wasn’t handicapped accessible, where she had to leave her chair downstairs and embarrassingly crawl several flights of steps on hands and one knee (the other bandaged from surgery) until her joits swelled up and she started to pass out while an ambulance was called, No one bothered to tell her that they were supposed to come to the house as a homebound case. Outside a woman with breast cancer on chemo, and a woman dying with lupus with months to live facing eviction were all turned down because they were also “completely healthy” Once my mom qualified for a housebound case, the agency filed a fake recertification with false information on it and threatened to have her arrested with fraud until we contacted every government official we could about the fact that we tape every official conversation and sent all documents certified returned receipt CC to other officials as well. But this is the lengths they go to get people off the rolls, so……Ive been disabled for 2 years and housebound, but was so scared of the process that I haven’t applied, but I need the money, I am absolutely horrified at the lengths they now go to get people off of welfare, even with medical proof from their OWN doctors of disability, even making up fake fraud cases and threatening arrest (thank God we record everything and keep records), but that is so much work., But when approved the benefits do come quicker.SSI on the other hand Ive heard isn’t so abusive but they say here the hospital social worker where i was for awhile when i couldnt eat food) that EVERYONE here is denied the first time and will only get benefits if they appeal to the last level, which can take years, but once you get SSI, Public Assistance leaves you alone with the harassment because its now federal money.Being so sick, It will be hard to record eveyone, and have a nurse send everything certified return receipt and keep piles of records just to prove my “compliance”Should I just apply for SSI and then PA (Public Assistance) right after, or the other way around, or do one and wait then the other? Im just not ready for the government’s abuse, but I really need money, and my savings is now getting empty. It is so corrupt, and I can’t just fight everyone, because i’m physically exhausted already, I don’t know if I can even handle either “process”I really appreciate any advice from anyone.Note: For those that hate people on “welfare” before this, don’t bother, you never know you future health, I worked several jobs, even hard labor moving coquina rocks by riverbeds, and for the National Parks Service, Printing Press, Office Assistant, Phone Technical Assistance, you name it. about 2 points from valedictorian, and a 3.8 university average..I didn’t still have enough credits for SSDI, and was too young. Lost ALOT of weight, could barely eat, balanced between a wheelchair and cane, and my muscles stopped working for a while, treatments also had effects on metabolism fats etc, and my hands are often so dry they are solid, and touching paper is painful, Someone else has to open my mail for me.*So what do I do? I never needed assistance, but I’m scared of being bullied, and don’t want to get sicker, what is the easiest way to get assistance, SSI, or Public Assistance. (I also think I read that if you apply for one here you must eventually apply for the other in a certain amount of days, and then i think Public assistance takes your SSI money from you anyway to pay their expenses.Anyone familiar with these systems please help, I cant handle their abuse. Its already almost killing my mother the way they treat her. And I wonder if thats their goal. I dont want my health to suffer anymore than it does.*What do I do?
A: Wow this is shocking to hear, absolutely awful and heartwrenching. You gals need to move out of NYC and move to a rural part of NY. I am in Rochester and have never been treated like that. I suffer from depression/bipolar and I get cash assistance each month from welfare. Thanks to the good Lord I was approved for ssi after almost 3 years. The way that you are being treated is horrible, cant believe it. Sometimes the Lord is trying to tell you something. That something could be for you to relocate. No american citizen should be afraid to ask for help, especially when illegals gets it so easily.
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