What is the treatment for Prostate cancer

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The 3 options for treatment are “Watch and Wait”, Radiation, and Surgery. Keep on doing the ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-treatment-for-prostate-cancer ]
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What is the treatment for prostate cancer?
Treatment for prostate cancer may involve: Surgery to remove the prostate Radiotherapy A ‘wait and see’ approach if the cancer is contained and thought to be slow growing. Due to the location of the prostate surgery or radiotherapy may affe…
Can prostate cancer be cured?
Prostate Cancer Treatment. View diagnostic tests, medical proecedures, otc and prescription drugs on Healthline Treatment Search. There are 29 procedures, 13 prescriptions, and 9 supplements found for Prostate Cancer…
Treatment For Prostate Cancer – Which One is the Best?
Treatment for prostate cancer is extensive from my estimation. But this does not mean you have to use only one method to help you out. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers that affect 1 out of 6 men in the United States alone. …

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does anyone know about prostate cancer treatment in Canada?
Q: My soon-to-be father-in-law has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was told that they have new technology for treatment in Canada, where they use laproscopy (i think this is what he is describing). Does anyone know anything about this? Why is it not done here in the states? What is the recovery process and how sucessful is it really?
A: I live in Canada and my dad had prostate cancer about 11 years ago. They caught it early enough and he went with radiation treatment. I believe laparoscopic surgery involves removing the prostate which some men choose. My dad had radiation treatment, where the prostate isn’t actually removed but the cancer is hit with radiation. You might want to keep checking because I believe laparoscopic treatment is widely available in the US too.Things turned out fine for my dad fortunately and I hope your father in law’s prognosis is positive too.
how much will it cost if a person undergo into a calypso prostate cancer treatment?
Q: it could probably in general amount,, the cost of the treatment itself.and is it really a recommended option for those who was diagnosed with that cancer?if not what are the other best solution for a person to recover.
A: You wouldn’t expect to pay the same price for a house in Iowa as you would in Malibu. Medical treatment is the same; it depends on where you live. Usually teaching hospitals are more expensive than non-teaching hospitals though. Calypso is a recommended option, but there are so many options for prostate cancer and so many variables to consider there isn’t a best option for all. If you are not sure about which option to choose try getting another opinion from another oncologist.
How will I know if prostate cancer treatment has helped?
Q: I have had 41 external beam radiation treatments, 25 full pelvic treatments and 16 “Boost” treatments aimed at the prostate only. I am receiving hormone therapy also that requires one shot every three months. So far I have had two treatments.When I was first diagnosed, my Urologist said three hormone treatments was all I could have as more would cause brittle bones. Now, this same doctor says I may have to take these shots for the rest of my life. When I asked how I would know if treatments have helped, he replied six months after I’m off the hormones a PSA test would tell. Now that’s really a Catch 22.Has anyone experianced these same treatments and what are your results?My Gleason score from my biopsy was 9, so removal was out of the question. My bone scan did not show any cancer there. I am told the full pelvic treatments were for cancer cells that may have been in the lymph nodes.My Gleason score from my biopsy was 9, so removal was out of the question. My bone scan did not show any cancer there. I am told the full pelvic treatments were for cancer cells that may have been in the lymph nodes.Several good answers, to the answerers who wanted me to go to link, I’ve tried and didn’t get anywhere.To the researcher, read the post, PSA levels are no good as long as you’re on hormone therapy and I was told, I might be on hormone for the rest of my life. No removal is what I was told as soon as I met with the Urologist who did the biopsy. I could overhear him talking with his assistant about what the tumor looked like with the sonogram while doing the biopsy. I can only speculate that the cancer had left the prostate. A bone scan showed that it had not got into the bones.It could also be that the insurance company would only pay for one procedure and radiation was chosen.There are some good answers here, there are a couple that refer me to a link that doesn’t work and one that sounds good except it doesn’t answer the question. I have provided all the details.I guess I’ll just let this go to vote.
A: Let me see if I can help you a bit. After your third hormone treatment, you will go off for 6 months, retest the PSA, & then if your PSA is low enough, you can stay off the hormone therapy & just get the PSA rechecked in 3-6 month intervals for life. When the PSA levels rise again, then the Dr. will discuss the possibility of going back on the hormone shots. An eventual tolerance to the hormone therapy will develop down the road, that is why you are on for a certain amount of months & then off. This hormone therapy does cause Osteoporosis. I would highly suggest adding a good Calcium supplement along with Vitamin D to combat this inevitable side effect. My father was on this therapy on & off for 8 years & suffered from this along with hot flashes & uncontrollable sweating, weight gain, bone pain,& a host of other things. He chose to eventually go off because of the side effects. The decision comes down to an individual choice of what you wish your quality of life to be & how controllable your case may be.If I were you, I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion on your treatment plan. Looking back on my Father’s care, that is something we didn’t do, that I wish we had done!. We followed his Urologist’s hormone therapy plan & didn’t try any alternative therapies. I am unsure with your Gleason numbers why they didn’t decide on surgery after your radiation. If you have a Cancer Institue in your state, I would start there to get an appointment with a specialist in Prostate Cancer. If you don’t have one, ask your Radiologist who he would recommend. I would also suggest seeing if you qualify for any investigational drug studies being conducted with Prostate Cancer specialists in your area.The hormone therapy companies got in trouble a few years back for bribing Dr’s with kickbacks to keep patients on these shots & they settled it for a record 875 million $$$$$!!! So, I am always suspect of motives.Anyway, as far as helpful sites, I suggest www.mdanderson.org & then just type in prostate cancer. I think that is a great resource & they have an 800 number you can call for advice.My prayers are with you & I hope that I have been of some help! Be strong in your fight ! God Bless!ADDITIONAL QUESTION: My husband just brought up this morning, if surgery isn’t an option what about Radioactive Implant(seeding).?In our past research we found that a diet with limited dairy is best.. If you have milk make sure it is hormone free. Also, if you can buy hormone free meat & eggs that is key. The more you limit your outside hormone influences the morre control you will have in your cancer. I know I mentioned Vit. D & calcium earlier, but no matter what increase your intake of those. If you can get at least an hour a day of sunshine along with taking Vitamin D3 (3 Capsules a day, for a total intake of 15,000 IU) that is as important in treating the cancer as much as helping in the bone loss. I would get the D3 from a health food store in your area. Thorne makes a good brand called D-5000. In addition, take 3000 mg of Calcium Citrate daily.( capsules are easiest to take) If you have any bone pain, take MSM capsules 3000 mg twice daily. You can get this anywhere & any brand is fine (inexpensive) New studies have found Lycopene 10 mg. twice a day is extremely beneficial in fighting the cancer cells. EGCG (Green tea extract….decaffinated) 200 mg. twice a day. Try & not drink soda pop as it will pull calcium from your system. Also the aspartame in diet drinks can create toxicity enhancing cancer cell growth. If you have any more questions please email me, my husband is a Dr. & I spent the last 12 years researching everything I could to help my Dad during his fight.NOTE: DO NOT TAKE MUTIPLE VITAMINS containing SELENIUM or CADMIUM because a new study in Britain shows these may ne linked to Prostate Cancer.INSURANCE: Your insurance will pay for whatever treatment your Dr. deems necessary to eradicate the cancer. If you have problems or questions with insurance coverage contact your treatment hospital & ask for the Patient Advocate for assistance & advice.
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