What kind of damage can an abscess cause

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A:In the worse case scenario if an abscess goes untreated the infection can spread into the blood stream and cause death. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-damage-can-an-abscess-cause ]
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What kind of damage can an abscess cause
In the worse case scenario if an abscess goes untreated the infection can spread into the blood stream and cause death.
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Can chewing hard candy too much cause a tooth to abscess?
Q: Ive been chewing a lot of hard candy and my 1st upper molar is sore…. What kind of damage can it cause?
A: Dont make the mistake i did and thats sucking on hard candy. I mean mostly halls caugh drops and yea i am cavity centry. But anyways it cant by itself cause an abcess/infection but it can lead to one so give up the sugar and suck on something else like sugar free but if you think yoiu have an absess infection go to the dr
Is a root canal necessary if you have a tooth abscess?
Q: A few years ago, I had a really bad cavity in my back molar. The dentist said it came really close to damaging the nerve.Fast forward to about a month ago when I had a really bad toothache in the back of my mouth, and I went to the dentist. He couldn’t find what was causing my tooth pain, and told me it may have been an abscess that healed itself or went away. (Or it may have just been my teeth moving, but I’m paranoid.)Anyway, I have a scheduled tooth cleaning/check-up on the 30th of June, and that tooth is feeling kind of funny again.So my question is:Is a root canal needed for a tooth abscess, or can they just drain it or something, and give me an anti-biotic?Also, is it possible for an abscess to come back?I just want to be prepared for what may happen when I go there in a few days!Thanks.
A: If there is an infection in the tooth that needs dental work antibiotics will clear it up for awhile but unless dental work is done the infection will only come back maybe even worse. The reason being you cleared the infection but not the source of the infection which is bacteria caused by a decaying tooth.After having 9 root canals I would suggest telling your dentist you want a panorex xray, this way you know exactly what you are dealing with, is it just one tooth or is it several. Then talk to your dentist about what options you have as far as dental work and the cost of treatment for all the options. By doing so you are not going into it blind like I did. Root canals for molars are expensive (I paid about $1100.00 a tooth) and to make matters worse you need to have crowns put on them otherswise the tooth goes soft and breaks. Crowns are just as expensive if not more.
Wisdom Teeth? Is my Jaw Like, At Risk?
Q: Okay, so here’s the deal. I’m getting my wisdom teeth in and here’s the circumstances:A) there’s an abscess over the gum where the tooth is coming in. It’s tender and kind of leaking what I want to call “puss” but it’s not too grossB) There’s a lump on my jaw bone outside of my mouth. Like, on the bottom of my face. It’s swollen and kind of red. Hurts A LOT to even touch gently. The pain also goes down my neck and it hurts to smile or laughC) The wall of the inside of my mouth leading up to my tonsils is also very sore. Almost like a sore throat but only on one side. Feels almost like it’s cut.I’m calling the doctor ASAP I was just wanting to make sure it is what I think it is and that it’s not something more serious. And even if it is this, can it like, cause legit damage to my jaw bone at all? Thanks for ANY help!
A: The infection is moderate and it would be a good idea to start you on some antibiotics. Until then, start rinsing every 2 hours with a warm saline solution. After the dentist sees you and takes x-rays, he will most likely recommend extractions. Good luck.
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