What plastic surgery has megan fox had

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Meghan fox has undergone a rhinoplasty and it is also rumored that she has breast implants. Thanks, ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-plastic-surgery-has-megan-fox-had ]
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What plastic surgery has megan fox had
Meghan fox has undergone a rhinoplasty and it is also rumored that she has breast implants. Thanks, ChaCha!
How many times has Megan Fox had plastic surgery?
I kinda have to agree with you on the plastic comment. I have read on a plastic surgery site that she has most definitely had a couple nose jobs, cheek implants, and either lip implants or botox. The newest speculation is that she has also …
Did megan fox get plastic surgery?
if you go onto google and type in “Megan fox before and after” you will see that before she had surgery her eyes, lips, nose, and basically her complete face look different. i dont see why she needed to have surgery, i think she w…

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Has Megan Fox had plastic surgery, and what’s with her Receded Hairline?
Q: Ok, I know. A shallow and flaky question to ask. But I am bored. Take a look at this link: http://www.makemeheal.com/news/images/megan-fox-nose-job.jpg1. Has Megan Fox gotten surgery? And if so, where?2. Why does she seem to have such a receded hairline? Not saying she is balding, but it just seems to make her forehead protrude.
A: I’m pretty sure she’s had surgery…she used to be pretty hot but lately she looks too fake.As for the hairline, I don’t see what you’re talking about…
How tall is Megan Fox and what plastic surgery has she had done ?
Q: ??She said she is 5’4 and is way shorter then 5’6 lol , thats stretching it .
A: She’s 5″4 and had breast implants costing $10,000, botox in her forehead costing $600, nose jobs costing $10,000 total and got her lips done for $800. No one is as pretty as Megan Fox naturally. Not even Megan Fox.
Has Megan Fox had any plastic surgery done, if so what?
Q: Because I find it hard to believe you can look that good “naturally”.
A: Yes.Boob Job.Nose Job.Lip Injections.
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