What prison is Lil Wayne in

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Following his arraignment, Wayne was released on $70,000 bond on one count of criminal weapons possession. He is not in prison. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-prison-is-lil-wayne-in ]
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What prison is Lil Wayne in
No word on where Lil Wayne will serve his prison term. It’s set to begin Feb 9, 2010, one week after his new album is released.
Is lil wayne in prison?
Not yet. His sentencing has been moved back to March 2nd.
When is lil Wayne going to prison?
Lil’ Wayne started his prison sentence on February 9, 2010.

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what prison will Lil Wayne be in?
Q: I was just wondering what prison Lil Wayne will be in I am 17 years old and I really am a big fan of his music and the story he tell through it does anyone know of the name and address??
A: no you cannot go stalk him there.*sigh*
When lil wayne goes to prison for 8 months?
Q: Do you think someone else will try to emerge and be the face of hip hop? Someone that is actually good, like The Game, Lupe, Nas, 50, or Ludacris? Because that would be the perfect time for someone else to shine, while lil wayne is in the shadows. Then when he gets out, people will be like “lil wayne who?”. But i think that’s not likely to happen because people are dumb. What do you think?
A: First I thinks it’s a shame that he is only going to jail for 8 months because he’s gotten by with so much other stuff…remember when he got stopped in Arizona and he had weed and cocaine and all kinds of crazy stuff…he did no jail time there…so his 8 little months is nothing.In all honesty I think they will have him set up with videos and everything so that he’ll have new music coming out and he’ll pull something out of the “hat” that no rapper has ever done before..I have no idea what it will be…but he’ll do it. I’m not a huge fan of his but went to a concert with my Son and have to admit that the man does put on one h*ll of a show and his fans are loyal to the core.I don’t think his being in jail is going to do anything but make his fan base stronger and perhaps even grow “more” attention to him. Now he’s really got a “gangsta” mentality that he wanted and never had.He’s here to stay whether we like it or not.Peace, Love & Happiness
What is going to happen to Lil Wayne in prison?
Q: I’m honestly kinda scared! ):
A: A long time ago there were two inmates alone in a cell.Then they discovered they can sleep with another male.Now they’re having butt sexInmate butt sexSadamahee (4x)SADAMAHEE
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