When did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery

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The first time Michael Jackson had plastic surgery was following a dancing accident that broke his nose in 1978. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-did-michael-jackson-get-plastic-surgery ]
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When did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery
The first time Michael Jackson had plastic surgery was following a dancing accident that broke his nose in 1978. ChaCha!
Why did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery?
Micheal Jackson had a skin disorder called Vitiligo that made his skin turn white in patches. He felt that he had to get his skin bleached so the patches wouldn’t show as much. He had surgery on his nose after he fell and broke it during a …
How many times did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery?
He only admitted to having plastic surgery twice.

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If it doesn’t matter if ur black or white, why did Michael Jackson get plastic surgery to make himself white?
Q: I don’t dislike Michael Jackson or anything, in fact, I really like some of his songs but I don’t understand why he said in his song “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” when he himself got plastic surgery to make himself white. And he actually performed that song AFTER he got his skin surgery. Didn’t make a lotta sense to me.
A: “That is not true. Michael Jackson is afflicted with Vitiligo. Vitiligo or leukoderma is a chronic skin condition that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale patches of skin. The precise cause of vitiligo is complex and not fully understood.”he has a pigmentation disorder called vitiligothats why hes “white”
Why did Michael Jackson say he only had 2 plastic surgery operations when….?
Q: Michael Jackson has said that he’s only gotten 2 plastic surgeries on his face (he said this like a few yrs ago) and they were both on his nose and that he DID NOT get anything else done on his face. I’m an MJ fan and I am not bashing him or anything, but I was just curious why he said he didn’t have anything else on his face but his nose done, when he obviously has had other plastic surgeries on his face. Any MJ fans believe he is lying about this? Why do you think he said that?Yah I mean, I was thinkin about it, and just thought simply the fact that I know he was very insecure about his looks and the reason he prolly didnt admit to all the surgeries was bcuz he wanted ppl to percieve him as “naturally” looking like that, and he didnt want people to think that he was so insecure as to do all those surgeries.Love you michael, just remember, your beautiful just the way you are <3 🙂 And your TRUE fans dont care how you look, we love u just the way you are hun 🙂
A: Yeah, I’m an MJ fan too and he definitely lied about only having two surgeries and them being on his nose. Especially considering that he actually admitted about 20 years before that interview that he had a cleft surgically inserted in his chin. My only guess as to why he lied about it, was that he didn’t want anybody to see him in a worse light, so he thought that if he lied about the surgery that that would be the end of it. It was, perhaps, his way of trying to make all the talk about his face go away. Can’t say i blame him, though. He had the surgeries because he was insecure about his looks, so how do you think he felt after all the surgery and people were making fun of his face more than ever? That had to have hurt him a whole lot.
why did michael jackson get all that plastic surgery, he wasn’t a bad looking guy when he was young?
Q: also his sister latoya was 10 times hotter before she ruined her nose
A: he had a skin disease called vitiligo where he had blothches on his skin so he whitened all of it so it didnt show. he broke his nose in the 80s and had to fix it with plastic surgery and he had breathing problems that would affect his career so he had another one. but the other ones he had were because of the abuse he had from his father at a young age where he called him a “big nose” and things like that so i guess that also contributed to it.
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