When did plastic surgery begin in the US

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America’s first plastic surgeon of note was Dr. John Peter Mettauer, who performed the first cleft palate operation in 1827. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-did-plastic-surgery-begin-in-the-us ]
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When did plastic surgery begin in the US
America’s first plastic surgeon of note was Dr. John Peter Mettauer, who performed the first cleft palate operation in 1827.
When did your fascination for plastic surgery begin??
When I lived in Brazil. Brazil is a country that is very hot, thus bodies are frequently exposed. Brazilian plastic surgeons have contributed vastly to the field of aesthetics, so much so they have risen to heroes in Brazil. Brazilian boys …
Why are Plastic surgeons beginning to cut one another?
“Due to the recession, they’re having to work on each other for business” With the economic downturn taking a toll on cosmetic surgery, many of New York’s plastic surgeons are finding new customers among their own colleagues. “Sur…

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Was I in the wrong or were they?
Q: Yesterday, I was in line with my mom and there was this magazine about celebrities having plastic surgery. I brought up Halle Berry’s nose, saying that I thought she had something done to her nose. Two black women behind us began saying remarks about terrorism very loud (they looked right at me but talked as if I weren’t there) and how ugly Arab women were. I can’t type the sentences because Yahoo will censor it out. When I confronted them, they treated me as if I had insulted the entire black race by saying Halle Berry had a nose job. They said I need to go back to my own country and started insulting Muslims and calling me one and speaking mock Arabic to me and spouting off Osama and Hussein. I’m an American but I have an accent because I grew up in Greece and I’ve only learned English in the past few years. My accent is Greek. I’m mixed Egyptian and I’ve always been told it shows. I also had a Hijab on because I was visiting my aunt and she is Muslim even though I am not. Was I in the wrong here? I don’t see how I offended black people. When I commented on Jen Aniston prior to Halle Berry about a nose job, they didn’t jump in.I didn’t confront them with Halle Berry had a nose job. I was talking about it to my mom then they made comments about Arabs. I confronted them by asking them what their problem was.
A: no they are just being dumbasses. they think that everyone should think blacks are attractive when that is not the case. dont listen to them they just wanted to blow off some steam. u didnt say anything wrong because halle berry DID have a surgery on her nose.**anime princess, what did she say that was wrong or racist? she just made a comment about halle bery, who is half black only, not the entire black race. they insulted her and she didnt even insult their race so how is that two wrongs dont make a right? what did she do that was wrong?***gara i know me and u bumped heads in the islamic question but honestly a lot of blacks in america have this insecurity that i cant explain to u. anything u say, just even the slightest thing, they will take it as u being racist. i get that here on YA and outside of it too. just be the bigger person and let it go. usually it is hard for them to take other ppl’s comments. but they will have no problem making fun of u and pointing fingers. its the double standard they have here in the US. its ridiculous.
Was this fair?
Q: I don’t want any little kid’s answers. I need honest opinions.Last year my dog was tied up on MY property. Neither me nor my family were in sight of my dog, but he was completely secured on our lawn. The 7 year old neighbor boy came over unannounced, without any permission, and without any supervision. My dog did not know this boy well at all. So anyway, this boy comes over and approaches the dog. My dog then bit him in the face.We heard the little boy screaming when we all ran to where we had our dog.The boy had to get plastic surgery because my dog took a chunk out of his lip. The boy’s family then threatened to sue us for the costs of the surgery, along with (as they claimed) “you traumitized my son forever and now he is scared of dogs.”Soon after, they began the process of sueing us for $500,000, unless we put our dog down.So we did put our dog to sleep, but i want to know who was at fault. Me or them? Give reasons why tooextra:we did not give the boy permission, and the boy claimed that the dog was fully awake. Also, our dog was a labrador retriever.the boys parents were inside. The boy wanted to “pet the puppy”
A: Legally, your liability may be limited due to the fact that the boy WAS trespassing (source 1). However, the trespassing defense is weak since:- The victim was your neighbor- The dog was not secured in a fenced in area with clear warning signs. (“Beware of Dog” etc)If the victim provoked your dog then he was at fault (though the fact that he was 7 at the time will greatly offset this factor). However if there were no witnesses prior to the attack, then the burden of proof would be yours. Unfortunately, dogs and humans are not equal under the law. Even if your dogs WAS cleared of wrongdoing, he would still be considered “potentially dangerous” and subjected to the “one bite rule,” which means that you are entirely liable for any future attacks by your dog regardless of circumstances. (source 2)Given the circumstances, I’m afraid you were at a disadvantage legally, especially since the victim was a minor at the time of the incident. (source 3)
persuasive essay?? please help. make any corrects if needed please. i really need your help.?
Q: While there are many reasons why a person can have low self esteem, it has been said that the media and its impact on body image along with parenting skills may be a key factor in this ongoing issue. Seeing as many as “three thousand ads each day, either on a magazine or billboard of a “picture perfect” image of beautiful yet thin model female with long legs and baby smooth skin or a male shows off his buff physique, adolescent are being are being affected everyday by what they see. Mostly every where we go, it is impossible not to see headlines calling for us to “Lose Weight in a Week!” or “Build Muscle without Working Out!” We are exposed to magazines, television, and numerous amount of pictures telling people what the ideal body shape is supposed to look like, which can leads problems for our society especially in young adolescent and teenagers. In Recent studies, “little girls as young as 10 years old begin to compare their bodies with other girls in magazine or while watching their favorite television show. However, the real problems begin when they become a teenager especially during the time of puberty. Searching for any imperfection and dedicated to do anything possible to achieve their perfect body image whether its plastic surgery or dieting, teenagers body are changing but not the natural way.“About 12 percent of girls had used a potentially unhealthful products in the past year which lead them to believe that they were guaranteed to lose weight in a certain amount of time”. When they don’t lose weight fast enough many girls develop eating disorders called Anorexia and Bulimia. Females are not the only ones who worry about body image. Guys tend to worry about body image as much as females do. The same way that girls perceive the perfect female figure to be thin, boys view of “the perfect male body is to be muscular”. Male see images on TV and in magazines of male models and muscular superstars and think that “the more muscle the better” and so the problem begins. The weight lifting becomes an obsession to increase weight and muscle quickly. When they don’t become satisfied with the results, steroids enhance their muscle mass and the speed at which it increases. Steroids, like any drug, can be harmful and addicting when abused and can have dangerous effects that can be life-threatening.So is there any way we can solve this problem?- Yes and it starts right at home. While parents cant supervise everything their child or children does,teaching children to accept their bodies and be proud of who they are is a start. Expressing this at an early age, children learn that others will accept them for who they are if they love themselves first. Set an example about maintaining a healthy diet and getting proper nutrition the right way. Parents should also discuss with their children that every thing that they see on television or magazine isn’t always real. Most importantly, “build a strong foundation on love so that the child knows they will be loved now matter what he or she looks like”. Overall,though its sad to say, media has completely took over our lifestyle. Although it can be changed, it all depends how we feel about ourself in the long road. We all have tiny imperfections which makes us special and unique. No one is built to be the same shape or have the same facial features. God made everything beautiful, and everyone is beautiful in his or her own way.
A: “three ^those quotes came out of nowhere and never ended God made everything beautiful, and everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. Unless you go to a catholic school i’d put it in quotes or something
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