Where am I having surgery at on Tuesday

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Are you having your surgery somewhere in Arizona? Maybe Phoenix? Have a great night & keep on ChaChaing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-am-i-having-surgery-at-on-tuesday ]
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Where am I having surgery at on Tuesday
Are you having your surgery somewhere in Arizona? Maybe Phoenix? Have a great night & keep on ChaChaing!

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What should I do about Tuesday.?
Q: On tuesday September 2. My four year old son is having surgery. He getting his tonsils out. I had ask the doctor if he be coming home the same day. He said why not. That I really thought. I don’t know if he changed his mind. The hospital where he having surgery called today to tell me want time his surgery and want time to be there. And when when want time he not allowed to drink anything. I know after midnight he can’t have anything to eat.. They said overnight clothes. So I had asked them are they keeping him overnight. They said yes and the doctor want to do 23 hour observe after having surgery. I called my mom to figure out with the babysitting overnight with my 6 year old son. I told my mom want they told me and we should just drive two cars. My mom told me not to worry he might go home the same day. But I can’t just thing her anything. If they doing 23 hour observe then he would be staying over the night. She would need to come home anyways. She wouldn’t be able to stay at the hospital. Because I am staying overnight. I have to deal with my oldest bus ride to tell them where he be at. I know my mom wants to be their for the surgery that fine. But if he stays overnight I be there and I would want to drive home when they discharge him. If she drives and go home I be stuck up there till she drives up there which I don’t want to do. They kept him overnight when he had his adenoids out. I had to wait someone next day to pick him and me up. I think it would be better for me to drive my own vehicle. She might lost her job but she does have money. I could give her 20 that would get there and back home. Should I think ahead that he be staying over night no matter want. Or you think they send him couple of hours later.. His surgery time at 8:40 in the morning. He would be overnight if they kept him 23 hours.. Thanks
A: I would take two cars and not stress about this anymore. No, you don’t know if and when he will be discharged on the time and date the doctor gave and so it’s best to be prepared then stuck at the hospital trying to figure out how to get home and relying on somebody else to get you there.
Am I just doomed to be miserable?
Q: Last August my best friend asked me out and it was the first time in three years I’d been truly happy. When school started everyone seemed to be having a little bit of bad luck but it was nothing they couldn’t handle. Around Homecoming at our school my great grandmother died and my grandmother had to have brain surgery. The actual week of Homecoming my mother had a few people just up and leave from her work and my brother got beat up by a gang. When I got to school on Homecoming it rained and we couldn’t march in the parade. That night I screwed up terribly in the Homecoming show, my friend didn’t have a hat, and all of us were near frozen. I skipped the Homecoming dance, where my friend sprained her ankle, to be with my boyfriend. When he logged in on MSN he broke up with me. Then that Monday my dog died. I was so miserable that I cried just about every night and had to try insanely hard to keep from crying at school. Then on Tuesday everything started to get better for everyone around me. My mom replaced the people that quit with better people, the cops found whoever beat up my brother, my friend got one of the lead rolls in a play…and this all seemed to happen when I was miserable. Am I just doomed to be miserable or something? (and whoever actually took the time to read this thanks for taking your time to do so)
A: Everything happens for a reason.Just look at your mom replacing old workers for BETTER works.Things in your life are just a mess right now and thats okay. [crazy, i know]The only thing you really do is ride it out.Give yourself sometime to deal with and process everything.It will all get better. We’ve all been in that boat before and its rough but life gets better and moves on 🙂
What am i supposed to do!?
Q: I am fat basicly, i am 13 stone, 16 years old and have just enroled on a public services course at college. thing is im the fatest person in the group, we do lots of trips where we have to get changed and every tuesday we do a sports training that we have to get changed for too. i know im fat and trust me iv tried, kickboxing, going to the gym just to loose weight and get abit toned so i don’t feel self consious because i know i will get bullied for it, i was at school too, the professionals say this is a normal weight for a person of my age, height (6ft) and build (med/big) but i dont think its right. apparently diet pills are a waste of money and surgery is too much.please tell me, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?
A: First, ignore the acai berry people, its a scam, second the other girl is right, it takes ALOT of sweat to loose weight. EVERY actor/actress will say in their interviews that they LOVED packing on the lbs., but when it came to loosing weight, you have to work real hard! And you have to be real strict about your diet. And since your out and about alot, you really need to pre-pack your healthy food along, because I am positive you wont get healthy choices at school. You can do it! Dont expect immediete results, you will start to see small results in about 3 weeks and big results in about 3 months or so. have fun!
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