Which woman has had the most plastic surgery

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Cindy Jackson has the world record for having the most cosmetic surgery. She’s had almost 50 operations to alter her face and body [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-woman-has-had-the-most-plastic-surgery ]
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Which woman has had the most plastic surgery
Cindy Jackson has the world record for having the most cosmetic surgery. She’s had almost 50 operations to alter her face and body
How does a woman who had plastic surgery still have an ugly face??
I don’t know for sure but OK!
Would you date a women who had plastic surgery?
I’m not a man, but have to add that a good plastic surgery is the one that can’t be noticed. So a man can date a woman without knowing she had some part of her body done. P.S. I’ve never had a plastic surgery.

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Which celebrity has destroyed their looks the most with plastic surgery [other than Joan Rivers]?
Q: I saw Hunter Tylo on television the other day for the first time in several years. I just about fainted when I saw the damage she has done to her appearance with plastic surgery! She went way beyond your run of the mill face lift. Hunter used to be one of the most beautiful women on television [in my opinion]. What do you think drives people [especially women] to alter their appearance in such “freakish” ways?Michael Jackson…. is ……not normal…….for lack of a better phrase. I am looking for your opinions about more average celebs.
A: Michael Jackson, I mean look at him!
What do you think of a man getting plastic surgery?
Q: I am 23 years old and want a chin implant I have the most severe chin I have seen around it is very odd looking besides that I am fine I think which I think it is from wearing a herpz appliance that my chin didn’t grow,but what would you think of me getting an implant, as a women or as a man’s opinion? Have any of you ever had plastic surgery before?
A: No Way..
Grad School Vs. Plastic Surgery: What would help my love life most?
Q: Hmm I’m 28 y/o, and the pickings get slimmer every year. I’ve read a few interesting articles in psychology journals suggesting men will date women with far less education/ professional success, as long as they find their mate very attractive, and have definitely seen it IRL.Basically, should I work towards going to graduate school to further my career, or spend money on plastic surgery? Which will help me land more dates?(my measurements are 32-28-38 so a boob job might help me out, as well as getting my overbite corrected.)***please don’t give me typical self-help advice like I need to please myself first, etc. I have fun friends & a loving family, but WANT TO DATE.Men aren’t physically attracted to me, and usually want to just be friends (yet hang 24-7! arrg)So my question was what will raise my stock more: improved looks or a furthered career?
A: First go to grad school, then get plastic surgery! And when you find a man that likes you, you know he likes you!
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