Why are my guinea pigs teeth black

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A:Check your Guinea Pig for abscesses in it’s mouth, if problems there, then you can always check with your vet for advice on teeth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-guinea-pigs-teeth-black ]
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How many teeth do guinea pigs have?
Guinea pigs usually consist of 12 full teeth. But, as they are pup’s, they usually have 8.
How do you trim a Guinea pig’s teeth?
Common Health Concerns: Dental problems, scurvy, obesity, heat stroke, lice, mites and respiratory problems are some health problems you may encounter. Make sure to check your guinea pig’s teeth and toenails periodically. A vet can trim the…
Do guinea pig’s loose their teeth?
no they shouldnt lose there teeth they have one set of teeth and thats it. they grow for ever thats why you should have a chew toy in the hutch or a peice of wood so that they can keep their teeth to a healthy length. my guinea pig lost her…

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guinea pig gone blind?
Q: my pig mookie recently lost some teeth and then grew them back. lately i’ve noticed his right eye is a cloudy blue instead of black. when i move my finger toward it, he does nothing. is he blind? why?by the way he’s almost 2 years old.
A: Take him to the vet immediately! Ive done so much guinea pig research after purchasing my guinea pigs and cloudy eyes could be the symptom of an illness! Your guinea could have diabetes or some kind of illness that could be treated if taken in early enough. If your guinea pig is indeed blind then your vet will be able to give you good advice on how to make sure hes eating properly and whatnot. Just take him to the vet though. Shouldnt cost too much to get a checkup on that eye.http://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html
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