Why does madonna look so young

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Madonna looks young because she has had a lot of plastic surgery and exercises religiously. That’s how we all can look young. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-madonna-look-so-young ]
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Why is it that madonna looks so young and she is 50?
More and more people are taking an interest in physical fitness and exercise, So surprising its due the heightened interest in celebrities.
Does Madonna look young for her age
Yes, I think Madonna does look young for her age. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Why Madonna Wanted to Look Younger?
Madonna doesn’t want to grow old. She doesn’t want to have any streaks of gray hair. She wanted to be forever young. Thus, she surrounded herself with young people to look young and feel young. See the younger Madonna. She is a very talente…

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Why does Madonna look so young and she is 50 years old?
Q: People say it is because if surgeries but it that true or what do you think?
A: I dont know about her case specifically but so many celebrities use botox and surgeries, so who knows maybe she did? or she might have found the fountain of youth, jk 😉
If exercize and diet really helped with aging, then why do so many people who are healthy still look old?
Q: Look at Madonna. Has been a fitness nut forever, diets like crazy, claims to be spiritual, is a multi-millionaire, can afford the best cosmetics and surgery, yet she still looks her age, and sometimes looks very bad, haggard, and old.So then, perhaps, exercize and diet really don’t do much at all, to help us age gracefully?Perhaps nothing does?I mean even plastic surgery, doesn’t really help you look younger, perhaps just makes you look more “plastic.”At the end of the day, there really IS nothing we can do, aside from just accepting it and dealing with it in the best ways,correct?IT’s just sad, that we have all these products, diets, fads, exercize-related information, surgery even, the right clothes, so so so much, yetultimately, it doesn’t really work.If it did, wouldn’t the richest among us look 20 at 50 by now?They don’t!
A: You are funny!Working out and keeping your body fit won’t reverse the aging process, you will still get older. Exercise and diet keeps your body from breaking down.Ever seen a car that has just sat somewhere for years, the tires are rotted, paint is faded, etc. If that same car had been driven everyday that wouldn’t have happened, well not as quickly anyway. Our bodies are not made for the leisure lifestyles we have today. Working out and pushing your body in some physical way is just like driving the car, keeps you from rotting out prematurely. I’m not saying workout 8 hours a day, or anything crazy like that, but make exercise, diet, and supplements an everyday part of your life.Also, if you want to avoid wrinkles and skin problems wear sunscreen 24/7, avoid heavy makeup, and do not eat greasy fried food.
Why are people especially celebrities, expected to stay young forever nowadays?
Q: Madonna is 50. She’s grinding and flirting with Justin Timberlake, and trying to be sexy and act like a young 20 year old. She’s making and writing music that kids would.The rest of Hollywood is the same way. Everyone wants to be and act like they’re 18, and it’s all about trends and being young.Enter Miley Cyrus. 15. The new it thing.26 in some circles is considered old and washed up.So tell me, why is Hollywood so OBSESSED with youth, and dictating to the rest of society how they should look?Everyone is so madly obsessed with looks, image, style, age.It’s gotten so bad that if people even have 1/5th an inch of fat on their bellies, they pay thousands to have it sucked out, or if their faces are a little off, they pay to have them readjusted, and some people pay so much to have their whole bodies done.Why do people allow this to dictate their values?Why are they sucked in?Why must we strive to look and act as young as possible?WHY?Is anyone else, but me, seeing how mentally SICK we are as a society?For example, you go to Europe or even NYC, and you get more culture, people appreciating more arts, theater, etc and then you go to Los Angeles, and you see plastic and silicone and skin and fakeness, and bright colors, and 80 year olds who want to look 18.why is this?
A: One nation I have respect for is Canada because they know the value of humanitarianism. Canada produces superb documentaries about real deep soul issues and world issues …Canadian people tend to be deep and they can be very indifferent to matters such as plastic surgery and liposuction. As for my home, the USA, well, I think a lot has to do with life extension. We as a nation feel that if you can look 10 years younger than your real age, then you have “added” 10 years to your life because for example at 36 you have gained the experience of a 36 yo however you needn’t tell everyone you’re 36 yo if you “look” 26. So this is the illusion that a youthful looking person has “more life” (which is mathematically impossible) or that they can command a better life with life experience combined with a physical facade that doesn’t match (looks younger than) their true age. therefore, many times the goal is to open more doors with a smart, young look (“like, omg, you’re such a wise YOUNG person!”) … but, for many people the goal is based on their fears of getting old and death. (I assume this is rampant in Los Angeles where a lot of people are less concerned about world issues and soul issues) ..Sooner or later they have to come to terms with aging and dying because those are realities which are definite, especially death.
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