Why would one need a root canal

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A:If the nerve ending in your tooth abscesses, or is severely damaged, you will need to get a root canal. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-one-need-a-root-canal ]
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Why would one need a root canal
If the nerve ending in your tooth abscesses, or is severely damaged, you will need to get a root canal. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Root Canal – Do You Need One?
For many people who worry about dental treatment, the mere mention of the words “root canal” can provoke reactions of fear and distress. However the procedure sounds a lot worse than it is, and while it is a slightly involved proc…
Does a root canal need a crown and will I need one?
Yes, I just had a root canal and crown done over the past 4 weeks. My dentist uses numbing gel then Novocaine. I didn’t feel a lot of pain but the most uncomfortable was the material used to seal the gap in the root canal. It felt like I ha…

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Why would I need ANOTHER root canal in the same tooth that I already had one?
Q: I went about 6 years ago and got 6 permanent caps. She did 2 root canals and said I’ll be okay. Then I went back and she said I need to get the other 2 that she didn’t do and that she’s going to have to “re-do” the 2 that were already done. Everyone I know is telling me go back for a second opinion (before I go through more of this crap). I can’t afford this and I’m tired of going there for ALL of this WORK! =( Thanks! =/
A: Root canals, as any treatment, are not 100% guaranteed. 5-7% of all root canals fail. So it is not uncommon to have to re-do a root canal. It is not because the dentist made a mistake and did not get all of the “dead tissue” out, or that there is a “crack” in the root. If there was a crack, the tooth would be pulled. And after a root canal is done, there most certainly is “root” there. How else would the tooth stay in the bone? The tooth is also connected to bone and tissue, so pain can still be a factor, even after a root canal. Having a root canal re-done is not painful, but can get expensive. I do suggest getting a second opinion and especially having one from an endodontist, someone whose sole form of treatment rendered in their office is root canals. This is all they do and went to school for an extra two years to learn their specialty. If you find that you do not need to have the root canals, find a dentist who does not over-treat her patients.
Did they screw up my fillings, causing me to need root canals?
Q: About a year ago I had two fillings, on my lower molars,one on each side. I still cannot chew anything crunchy, firm or cold without pain. Sometimes when I brush my teeth I hit a spot with sharp pain there too. I need to use warm water to gargle with , hot or cold hurt those two spots. I have been back to have them checked, filed down, twice (at a different clinic), and they say there is nothing wrong, that i will need two root canals. why? i didnt need root canals before the filling, so did they screw up the filing? I cannot afford root canals, and since they are chewing teeth, and on both sides, i cant just have them pulled, which is cheaper. i want x-rays to be sure, but they cost money too, and i dont know what they would show. Has this happened to anyone else?FYI- I have been back to have them check the bite and file it down a bit, they say it is all fine now and since i still feel pain that i need the two surgeries.
A: I had the experience you described. Sometimes when they put in a filling, it gets a little close to the nerve. Sometimes the nerve doesn’t mind, sometimes it does- the dentist has no way to know if it will or not when he puts in the filling. Since the filling is metallic based, it conducts heat and cold better than the enamel, and if the nerve is in a mood to complain- it does. If you want to keep the teeth, it is worth the expense to have the root canals done. Since you don’t have an infection, it’s not a painful process and is done pretty quickly. Afterwards, the problem is solved, and you still own two good chewing teeth. If you have them pulled, you don’t have them, and partials or bridges are even more expensive. Maybe you can find a local free clinic, or work out a payment schedule with a dentist. I paid half the cost for mine, and paid out the rest over a few months time. It was a good investment as far as I am concerned, since I solved the problem and still have the teeth.
Do I REALLY need a root canal?
Q: A visit to my dentist today ended up with “You will need a root canal and then a crown,” and “How about getting all 4 wisdom teeth out?” My questions are:1). Why did my dentist want to pull my wisdom teeth out? All FOUR? At my age (19), I thought I didn’t have to worry about wisdom teeth yet… I heard they start growing when you feel “pain” at the “bulge” which, I know, is my gum. Is this true? Do I HAVE to pull out my wisdoms?2) After one X-Ray, my dentist suggested a root canal. I don’t have sensitivity to food temperature change or any other discomfort/pain. However, part of my tooth fell out so I guess it’s chipped from the cavity. What’s going on there? Do I REALLY need a root canal because I’m dead scared of dentists!Would appreciate all advice!UPDATE:The tooth that chipped off (maybe needing root canal) could be my third molar… (feels like the last one on upper left side) so can’t I just pull it out?Also, I’m not too much concerned about how much a root canal will cost… I’m actually more scared of the “complications.”
A: 1 – If on the x-ray it looks like your 1 or more of your wisdom teeth will cause problems, the dentist will recommend taking them out. It’s simply easier to take all 4 out at the same time. The younger you are when the teeth come out, the easier the procedure is, relatively speaking.2 – A root canal, while not especially pleasant (but also not THAT bad), will stop any further decay (they fill the tooth with a rubber substance) and again stop further problems from cropping up down the road.I had to have both of these things done last year, however I kept putting it off and now wish I had just gotten it done when my dentist recommend it in the first place.Good luck!
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