Why would someone have swollen glands in the neck

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A:Common causes are: Strep throat, Mumps, Measles, Ear infections, Infected (abscessed) tooth, Mononucleosis, and Wound infections. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-someone-have-swollen-glands-in-the-neck ]
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What cause your neck glands to swell and hurt
Either your lymph nodes are swollen from an infection (cold, virus, etc.) or you have the mumps. See a doctor.
What causes swollen neck glands?
When we have swollen glands in our necks it is usually our lymph nodes that we feels. They filter out infection in our bodies and are reacting to an infection from somewhere.
How do you get rid of swollen glands on your neck?
Ok, I have swollen glands all the time in fact I have it right now, what works the best is drinking lots of hot tea with lemon and honey. Also try to have some throat drops handy it seems to be helpful. I would also try to see a doctor beca…

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I have had swollen lymph nodes in the neck for several months. Does anyone know why this could be? Anyone?
Q: Also I have had no sore throat! Just enlarged lymph glands! I have typed it in to search engines and AIDS comes up.. I know that I dont have AIDS. So any other sugggestions or someone who has gone through the same thing would be great to hear from
A: PLEASE see a doctor. The supraclavicular nodes [at the base of your ncek] are considered the sentinel nodes for Lymphoma. I know that first hand, as the same node [left side] on me was swollen. After seeing a few specialists, a surgeon was all set to remove my thyroid when he did a fine needle aspiration [biopsy] of that node. The rest is history. But hey, at least I’m here to tell it! I’m not trying to scare you, there are other things that could make that node swell too. You just need to know for sure. If it’s something bad, there are good treatments out there. I’m 2 years post-treatment. Here’s a good site for disease info, and to check if you have any other symptoms:http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls…Best Wishes
Can someone share their experience with B Cell Lymphoma?
Q: My aunt has had swollen glands in her neck since the end of December. After months of no answer, lots of run around and recently experiencing 3 blood transfusions in less than a week and a half, doctors finally discovered a mass near her intestines and pancreas. We are waiting to hear more, but the news so far is that she has B Cell Lymphoma. Why have doctors been dropping the ball for so long? If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma, I would really like to hear your/ their experience. Don’t withhold info as concern for my feelings, as of course I am worried for her, but I feel better to be informed than to be in the dark. Any diet recommendations? Any wisdom is much appreciated.Thank you.
A: I don’t know how much lymphoma support you’re going to recieve on here. Since your aunt has Non-Hodgkin’s B-Cell, I really don’t know too much. I’ve done a lot of research and found a lot of really good sites and a good message board that will help you out.Info:http://www.lymphomainfo.net/nhl/b-cell.htmlMessage boards:http://forums.webmagic.com/ubbthreads/postlist.php?Cat=0&Board=UBB2
Worried I may be sick with something crazy?
Q: Ok. So for the last four days or so my body has been super sore. The best way to explain it is it kind of feels like when you haven’t worked out in a while and you go to the gym and overdo it a little. You feel all sore when you wake up the next morning. My skin feels stretched almost like when you have a really bad sunburn and it hurts to move. The glands in my neck just under the jaw are swollen up and it hurts to swallow. Also, I have been having a lot of trouble breathing. It feels like someone is squeezing me when i try to take a breath. But here is the weirdest part-my teeth are numb. I cannot find anyhting anywhere that talks about reasons why someones teeth would be numb when they have had no trauma or surgery. I really don’t get it. It is so weird.Anyone know what this might be from?Just prior to all this happening my back had been immobile-literally. I could NOT move. I went to doc and he gave me steroid and pain shots in the back, steroid pack to take home, muscle relaxers, and vicodin. All this was caused by a pinched nerve/slipped disc in lumbar region. Could the medications I have been on have caused it. The symptoms didn’t start until I had run out of all but the muscle relaxers. I stoppped taking them because I thought it was because of them I was having trouble breathing.
A: Honestly, I’d say go to the doctor, it’s sounds serious.
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