Will a dentist operate on a abscessed tooth

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A:Those who wish to avoid dental surgery for abscessed teeth, prompt diagnosis and a regimen of antibiotics is necessary. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-a-dentist-operate-on-a-abscessed-tooth ]
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Will a dentist operate on a abscessed tooth
Those who wish to avoid dental surgery for abscessed teeth, prompt diagnosis and a regimen of antibiotics is necessary. ChaCha!
How Dentists Drain an Abscessed Tooth
Summary: Dentists drain an abscessed tooth by drilling a hole through the tooth into the inner chamber of the tooth. Learn more about how a dentist drains an abscessed tooth in this free video featuring a practicing dentist.
How can I get rif of my abscessed tooth, without going to the den…?
Ginger, there are two kinds of abscessed teeth. There are those that must be removed because of extensive tooth decay or fracture and there are those that can be saved with a root canal treatment. I would strongly encourage you to save your…

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Q: My 12 year old son has had numerous tooth abscesses since May 2009 and we know he needs the offending teeth out but it has to be under a general as he has a needle phobia, he has been really poorly almost passing out at school and it has affected his balance and concentration for almost a year, the dentist has said he needs the op as soon as poss as does his dr and his school (they have been really worried about how ill he looks). We have just got back from yet another different dental consultant at hospital who says more xrays in 1 months time and then they will put him on the op list, his tooth is infected again and he is not sleeping or eating but no one seems to take it seriously, he is in constant pain with a temp of 31 and dosed up permanently, i cannot believe we have to wait yet another month and then wait who knows how long before he reaches the top of the operating list, i really don`t know what to do with him, does anyone know what i can do to speed the process up, he is a really bright boy but has missed so much time at school due to this he is now falling behind, not only that but falling over constantly is no joke, he cannot hold a conversation some days as he says he feels so ill. I am horrified that the NHS can leave a child in this state for so long, the previous consultant said any problems ring and we will see him, i did but i was just told the would book him in again with her even though i explained how ill he was and i couldnt believe it when we went today and had to explain all over again to this man who is part of the same team but didnt appear to have a clue why we were there…sorry to go on but any advice would be fantastic. thanks
A: If I was you I would lean on both your GP and his regular dentist. Explain it all to both of them and ask if they can do anything to speed things up. Also, contact the original orthodontic consultant and explain to him again. Be nice about it – don’t rant and rave. Just explain again that he is in constant pain which you, of course, hate to see and that he is missing school. Get the school involved if necessary. If you have to, phone every day. They will soon get the message. Don’t be fobbed off. Threaten to take the matter to your local newspaper.You could also check with your local PCT to see if they have an emergency dental service – he may get a route in via this.As a very last resort, you could take him to A&E but I doubt they would do anything.
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