Will my face get really swollen if I get oral surgery

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With most oral surgeries, there will be noticeable swelling in the face. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-my-face-get-really-swollen-if-i-get-oral-surgery ]
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Will my face get really swollen if I get oral surgery
With most oral surgeries, there will be noticeable swelling in the face. ChaCha again!

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All 4 wisdom teeth are impacted?
Q: I’m the first of my friends to get my wisdom teeth out, im only 15. All 4 of my wisdom teeth are impacted. I am so scared to get them pulled, i dont know what to expect! How do they get them out, how much will it hurt, how long will it hurt, and how long will my face be swollen? I have had 2 other oral surgeries before too, but im still really scared for this one! please let me know if your wisdom teeth were impacted too!! thanks!I have no pain in my mouth my right.But my orthodontist said i had to get them out, i have no room in my mouth, for them.
A: I was 17. All of mine were impacted. I had a good experience so I can’t say for sure. But it wasn’t that bad. I was put out, when I woke up (still numb) I was fine. I was swollen, and my mouth was sensitive. This only lasted a day or two, if I am remembering correctly. I was knocked out, so I don’t know what they did. Pain, well you should be numb, so it won’t hurt until after the meds wears off. I remember it being more swore than anything else. Swollen-ness should last the day (could be longer)and it will feel worse than it is. I felt like a chipmunk, but it wasn’t really that bad.The weirdest part is filling holes where the teeth were, or it was for me. Don’t stress about it. They have to be taken out. All I know is it is different for everyone, so I can only tell you the basics of how mine went, but don’t worry. I highly recommend being knocked out though and having someone with you in the room. My mom came with me. When my teeth were taken out, I had been in so much pain that I had to take sleeping pills. Getting them out relieved stress in my mouth and I could sleep again. Your mouth may just be more comfortable after this. I think I was eating almost normally that night or the next day.
I was assaulted and I want to press charges, but how can I do that without getting a record?
Q: It began as an argument. I was in a hotel room with my sister and her boyfriend and I absolutely regret even spending the week with them as her boyfriend was a complete asshole. I was actually looking forward to other things as to why I even went with them in the first place such as visiting the spa and doing other recreation activities.So it all started when I broke the TV remote in the room when they both left me in the hotel room to go gamble in the Casino. I was frustrated due to the fact that we won’t be going out that night, so I threw the remote and it broked.So later when they came back, my sister’s boyfriend found out and he started saying if you want to leave and go back home, then go! As well as calling me names and other rude remarks.I stood up and told him “Don’t talk to me like that”. He started getting ready to beat me up as he took his shirt off. I stood my ground to show I’m not afraid of him. So he lunges at me and shoves me hard to the ground and then gets on top on me and began punching my multiple times in the face and I tried my best to wrestle him off, but he was about 50 pounds heavier than me. So I failed to get him off, but simply grab his neck while he was mounted on me to prevent him from pounding me. Eventually I lose my grip and he gets me up and tosses me to the ground again and punches more and then began choking my throat, literally with his fingertips clenching on to my adams apple.He eventually let go after almost pulling my throat off and I almost blacked out. Before being choked, I was screaming at my sister to call the cops. Although I expected her not to, since she doesn’t want her boyfriend to be arrested. So after taking the beating, I packed my things up and went to the front desk to call Security on him.The Police showed up and told me I can file a complaint against him which will require me to show up in court and this is actually my first time going to court and I am very concerned.I am suffering from a swollen cut between my eyes and it is slightly black and blue. A couple scratches on my neck and the rest are internal damages as my throat hurts everytime I swallow saliva. It feels as if he may have cracked my throat. Also I had Oral surgery last week removing three wisdom teeth and he damage my gums after I got stiches in my mouth just when it is healing. I have taken photographs of all the visible marks he has left me. It is the only evidence I possess of the whole case. My sister surely will not speak for me even though she is the only witness and even if she does, she’ll probably lie.I am concerned, even though I was the victim. My sister’s boyfriend also had some inflicted injurie and possible visible and he would most likely use it against me. He has scratches on his neck simply from me pulling his head down and at the end when he tossed me and began choking me, he also landed on a fallen metal lamp. I heard he hurt his ribs.Most likely, he will lie and say I roughed him up too. Since I have no favorable witness, it’s basically his word against mine. I’m 21 years old and I just got out of College with a Associate’s degree hoping to continue my education and go for my Bachelor’s. I don’t want to end up getting a record from this whole fight and allow it to affect my life forever.My sister’s boyfriend is 27 years old and actually went to prison before for Tax Fraud and he was sentenced 4 years. Although he has gotten out for awhile now and he is no longer on probation or anything like that.A little info about my sister’s boyfriend…This isn’t the first time I got beat up by him, there was another time he was hurting my sister and I told him I was going to call the cops on him. That really made him angry, because he got out not too long ago. And as I stood up for my sister, she took his side in the end by staying with him. So I told myself, that’s the last time I stand up for her. However I let everything slide simply because I had sympathy towards him and didn’t want him to get locked up once again. So TONIGHT, I ended up getting into a fight with him again and after taking that beating, I wasn’t going to let things go this time.He is a clever guy and he’s more experienced in cases like these, simply because he was dealt with courts before when he was a criminal. He may convince the Judge and the Jury that I also hit him and I will be punished as well.I am thinking about dropping the charges, if the risk of me getting into trouble is high. I cannot afford to receieve a record. I’m in desperate needs of answers and any help is very much appreciated. I don’t have much time left, because the court date is scheduled to be within 2 weeks. If I consider dropping the charges, I may have to do it soon. Please, will someone tell me what’s the best thing to do right now?I thank everyone for all the fast responses and answers, I appreciate it. I am more at ease now reading your answers.I want to say something to “everythingspeachy2000”, please understand I spent four dreadful days with them and I know I am a grown up and I could’ve gone out on my own, but my sister’s boyfriend said we were going to do things and then he doesn’t do it. I am not familiar with the Casino and I actually get out much and I was hoping to at least have company. I admit I am very wrong for throwing the remote controller, but I actually didn’t intend to destroy it. I was just so frustrated that I wasted four days and I just had the remote in my hand and did what I did.I want to ask you why is it that you think I am lying? I am actually speaking the truth, my sister really didn’t do anything, but scream. Also even though my sister’s boyfriend has a history in a Tax Fraud and not abuse. He broke my sister’s tailbone and beat her up, but my sister refused to report him.No one was arrested, because the police saw it as a simple fight. Even though I was bleeding between the eyes, I didn’t fully understand though. I also just realized I left out the part about him choking me, because there was no more space within the paper. So I am worried people may think I’m lying changing my story or something, but my throat is really in pain. It is internal pain though, not visible. When I move my throat, I can feel it hurting as well as when I swallow saliva. I am very serious, he really tried to rip out my throat as he was choking me.AGAIN, I am not telling lies and I will be willing to even be put on a lie detector to show that I’m telling the truth.So since I did not write about the inflicted choking on the police report. Am I still able to say it in court?
A: Okay, dont drop the charges, since you said this isnt the first time this has happened. Go to court. Explain exactly what you said here. that you broke the remote, and you were wrong for that, but there was no point in him beating you like he did. You were only defending yourself. Dont speak or associte with your sister until she dumps this guy. He probally beats her up as well. You shouldnt get a record, but he wont ever stop this until someone does something about it. And it is in your lap now. His previous record against your college record should stand for something. Just go to court, it wont be that bad. You are only fearing the unknown.
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