Why Herman Cain?

2012 will prove to be a pivotal year in our country’s history. Our economy is on the brink of collapse, social issues have created a divisive wall between its citizens, and the global view of our country has been shaken and confidence has been lost in our ability to lead in global matters. Our country needs the emergence of a true leader, willing to make the tough decisions to bring us back to our former glory.

The GOP field is loaded with individuals believing they can make a difference. In the latest GOP debate on FOX, nine such people proclaimed that their ideas were the right ones. But are they? For the most part, the same rhetoric of lower taxes, lower regulations is what is needed to spur the economy and job creation. On social issues, it is that less government is needed. Government should only be for defense and should have a limited role on social problems.

There was one, however, that makes sense on how to resolve the issues we face and provided a clear picture of how he intended to do it. Herman Cain is not a member of the belt-way elite. He is not tainted by the lobbyists for various social issues, and has the business background to understand what it will take to get the economy moving again. His plan: 9-9-9. This is a 9% flat business tax, a 9% flat individual tax, and a 9% national sales tax. Wow! This is inventive, fair, and in many ways revolutionary.

Currently the richest part of our citizenry pays the lion’s share of taxes and the poorer classes many times do not pay anything. Think about how the 9-9-9 plan will work. More money will be left in our paychecks. This creates a higher level of disposable income that each individual can determine how to use. More money in our paychecks will lead to increased consumption of products and services. Business revenues will increase, manufacturing will increase as well. This just from the 9% individual flat tax alone. Looking at the 9% flat business tax, this increases the revenues and capital of businesses to expand. Jobs will be created and jobs will move back from overseas. Now, the beauty of a 9% national sales tax. This may seem like a smack to the face of our people. Now, we will have to pay 9% more for the goods and services we wish to enjoy. This may be true, but we can control this portion of the taxes. We can control how much tax we pay in this part by how much we spend. Plus, we still come out ahead. According to Moneychimp.com, for a single person making between $34,500 and $83,600, the tax bracket is 25%. This would encompass most of the middle class. In this bracket, there is a 16% gain in everyone’s paycheck.

Herman Cain has a vision for the future for the economy of our country. But what about abroad? Many think that he does not have the experience to handle issues of foreign affairs. This may be true, but Cain is not a stupid man. A man does not successfully run a business by sheer whim. A smart man also knows to surround himself with competent people. No one is perfect at everything. What is the old saying, “a jack of all trades, but master of none”. Cain is intelligent enough to bring people into his cabinet that have more experience on the issue.

Many people want to blast Cain on his handling of the Middle East. He struggled with the issue of Palestinian’s right of return. Yes, this was gaffe. Tell me when George W. Bush didn’t make a gaffe, or Clinton, or Obama. Is it realistic to ask someone to know every thing that goes on in the world. How many of us struggle to manage our own households, let alone every issue that goes on in the world. Presidents have to rely on their staffer’s and cabinet to relay information for critical decisions. The key thing is having the intelligence to make sound decisions, and investigating issues, not worrying about being blind-sided by questions just months after jumping into a Presidential race.

Herman Cain is different, is fresh, is energetic, and can get the job done. This up-coming election in 2012 is important….extremely important. We need not rush to judgments because of a momentary gaffe. We need to look at the big picture and what is the biggest issue to us currently. Is it Iran, and if you believe it is, can’t a candidate find out the information required to make the right decision?


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