Why Jerry Costello (D-Ill.) Does Not Deserve to Be Re-Elected

COMMENTARY | My congressional representative has been serving in Congress for more than half of my life. For 23 years, Jerry Costello has represented my district. Personally, I feel he has represented it poorly. He has represented his own interests and not those of the people he was elected to represent.

The area I live in is filled with very conservative people. There are more churches than bars and the people are not in favor of business as usual in Washington. This is an area where many people still believe what they are told and are easily manipulated by a seasoned politician, especially if he is from the Democratic party. Many people in this area are Democrats because their parents and grandparents were and they ignore the shifts in thought that have taken place.

That explains why Costello was elected into office even though his stand on abortion is pro-choice in an area that is overwhelmingly pro-life. In an area overwhelmingly against civil unions, Costello voted in favor of them. This has caused a drop in his regional popularity and made many people vow to not vote for him in the next election.

I personally had a problem with his yes vote on Stimulus package. Locally the stimulus package was sold as a way to bring jobs to the region and shore up the local economy. This didn’t happen even though the people are stuck with the debt. This is a rural community where people believe in helping their neighbor, but they don’t like being forced to pay for the mistakes of others.

My other issue with Costello, his vote on Obamacare, is due to the fact that I believe the government should stay out of the healthcare field. Socialized medicine, which is what Obamacare amounts to, will not work in America and will be disastrous not only to the healthcare system itself but also to the economy.

The extreme drop in popularity is what many people in this district think led to the surprise decision by Costello to not seek reelection. When this was announced in late October, Costello simply claimed to be retiring. Most people believe that he feels that being re-elected given his current popularity rating wouldn’t be likely. To bolster this opinion, current Democratic candidates for his seat are distancing themselves from Costello and his platform.

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