Why Successful Women like Kim Kardashian Can’t Find Love

There is an epidemic of “successful single woman syndrome”. While it may appear on the surface that men are simply threatened by them, there is more to this than meets the eye.

For Kim Kardashian it is apparent that her work schedule stands in the way of love as well as a propensity for choosing unsuitable mates. Kris wanted a housewife while Kim is determined to remain glamorous and relevant.

Success is not only measured by money, it comes through hard work, long hours and sometimes extensive travel. In order for a relationship to work it takes the same level of commitment, unfortunately that is not always possible especially if both partners are equally busy. This can lead to trysts with maids and nannies not necessarily because they are more attractive than their spouse but due to the fact that they are always there and filling the traditional role of wife, raising the children and/or looking after the house.

It is not all doom and gloom for business minded women provided that they don’t seek their professional equal. There are plenty of men who wouldn’t mind looking after the home or tending to the kids.

While many may have found this role emasculating in the past, the model of the family has changed dramatically in recent years and the “house husband’ has become more socially acceptable.

While this situation might not seem ideal to those who favor an “alpha male” the ability to accompany them on business trips or provide them with a home cooked meal after a long day must be appealing and remember that some of the best chefs are men.

It is important to figure out what each other want from the marriage before taking the plunge. Opposites may attract but the ability to stay together stems from similarities in future goals.

Martina McCullough

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