Why We Love Adele

Adele is just starting to get some recognition from the pop world after a few years of making music. There were some people that thought she was a new artist because they have never heard of her before.
Some ask what’s the big deal about Adele. The big deal is that she actually has heartfelt music. Her music isn’t about partying or dancing. She isn’t about wearing the crazy outfits and making weird music videos. She’s just a really good singer.

Has singing gone out of style? It seems to me that artists that know how to deliver a great voice don’t get as much credit as the ones that barely sound good on stage. The Leona Lewises have been outdone by the Rihannas.

Pop culture is full of untalented people. Untalented singers are taking over. Relaity t.v. is taking over. People who have no talent are really cashing in on being mediocre.

But people like Adele sing about the feelings that we always try to hide. She sings about the things that make us human. All the other music on the radio tells us what to do to mask our true emotions. Go party. Go get drunk. Go dance. Go home with someone you don’t know. That’s the things that other singers say to do.

Adele keeps it real. She keeps it human.

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