Why You Should Your Endeavor to Make Fitness and Weight Loss Synonymous

You would perhaps wonder why people would say “fitness and weight loss” when you would perceive the two to be one and the same. Actually, there are instances wherein to achieve fitness, you would have to lose weight; but losing weight does not always result in fitness. If you find such statement baffling, then there is a need to expound on it as anybody on a quest to lose weight would best keep in mind the distinction between fitness and weight loss. Basically, not all endeavors of losing weight are done in a healthy way, so they could not very well be considered fitness.

If you just want to lose weight for the sake of beauty, you would not appreciate why the two should go together at all times. However, any person placed in a dire health condition would tell you the value of gearing your weight loss to achieve fitness rather than just for appearance alone. So outlined below are some of the reasons to enlighten why you should strive hard to make the terms fitness and weight loss synonymous:

1) Weight loss without fitness is not sustainable. You would notice that many people who make the goal of losing weight alone do shed some of the unwanted pounds in the beginning but eventually revert to their original weight in the end; more so if they gain more weight. It should be noted that eating is a person’s primal need, so starting a weight loss regimen with the mania of just getting the body you desire will not give you the focus you need to sustain your activities. Rather if you think of reinventing yourself, you would have lasting habits that will allow you to achieve fitness and weight loss at the same time.

2) Weight loss without fitness is dangerous. The tendency, if you are in it just to lose weight, is to get yourself in a lot of bad deals. First stop are crash diets that encourage you not to take in anything. Not only will this be counterproductive to your efforts as your body tries to make up for fasting; but it will take you to the other end of fitness, which is getting sick (i.e. loss of concentration, hypoglycemia, etc.). Second are drugs such as magic pills that harm your body through the ingredients they contain. More so if you know that a certain drug is really detrimental to your body; but because of your desire to lose weight, you still take it.

3) Weight loss without fitness is costly. Not only can you end up getting hurt in the long run by being hospitalized, which will entail you to shell out a lot of money, but fad diets and unhealthy exercise programs can cost you your job, relationships, and even your life.

4) Make it a point that in all your endeavors, even one for the sake of beauty, fitness and weight loss should be in the same plane. By doing so, everything will fall right into place. And you will feel much better about yourself.

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