Wildfires Blazing Across Texas

The temperatures in North Texas have dropped from 100+ degree highs and 80’s lows, to 80’s highs and 60’s lows; but there is still no rain in sight for the near future

More than 180 fires are blazing across the state with the worst one in Bastrop, Texas (just outside of Austin), where close to 25,000 acres are still on fire and 1,400 houses have been burned to ground. Firefighters from Oregon, California, Utah, and Arizona, have been called in to help contain the fires. 75 miles from Bastrop, the Army’s Ft. Hood, is battling a 3,700 acre fire of their own.

Meanwhile Governor Perry is waltzing around the country combing his hair on the presidential trail.

Living just east of Dallas, I cannot tell you what a relief it has been this week to have the temperatures drop. For nearly three months we have hovered around the 100 degree mark with out a drop of rain. I have completely lost my lawn and the trees in my front yard are severely distressed despite watering. When you go out for a jog at six in the morning and the temperature is already ninety, you know you’re in for a steamer. To add to the misery the humidity has been the worst that I can remember since I arrived in Texas in 1983. Some of the experts have indicated that the large reservoirs built by the Army Corps of Engineers, and the plethora of swimming pools in the area may be the reason.
There is still no sign of rain in our forecast for the near future

Check out this video of the fire burning in Bastrop : http://firefighterblog.com/2011/09/bastrop-texas-wildfire/

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