Will Early Spring Ruin Plant Life?

The winter weather is like spring’s breathe spreads its wings;
yellow, purple, white crocuses line the roadway to the house.
The news showed cherry blossoms in bloom in Washington D.C.;
they’re not supposed to bloom until mid-April…it’s an early spring.
Other trees remain bare, wait for leaves to cover their nudity,
bringing life, colorful leaves and a sign of a full spring season.

Sun brightens the drive; Roses Of Sharon poke purple heads out
to take in the freshness of the warm intense time of the day.
They’re not aware they’ve been woken much too soon to bloom,
what is going to happen to all these blooming flowers and trees?
Will they miss out on their spring season of fun and happiness,
remaining nude for the remainder of the upcoming seasons?

Wild honeysuckles in fields try to pop their heads out,
they’re waiting to open their buds for all the world to see…
beautiful, wild, deep, colors of orange and red,
a desire to expose their brilliant flower heads,
ridding drab branches with dazzling and intense beauty,
allow people to pick their blooms for display in a vase.

The risky weather causes havoc among the plant life,
a wish for a colder temperature to keep them asleep longer.
Who knows, it could be a sore, threatening their longevity,
reducing their chance for beautiful greenery, bursting blooms,
fields full of daisy, buttercups, and other wild colorful flowers?
A plague, ruining all the plant life on this earth,
killing the beauty along roadside, in fields, yards and everywhere.

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