Will Lena Lunsford’s Legal Problems Overshadow Missing 3-Year-Old Aliayah?

Aliayah Lunsford, is 3-years-old, and has not been seen since September 24, 2011. Her mother said that at 6:30 that morning Aliayah was in bed, when she went to wake her up at 9:30, Aliayah was gone. Police have said they are treating this as a crime. The question of late is, will Lena Lunsford’s legal problems, push Aliayah’s disappearance aside?

Aliayah is a beautiful little girl, who until lately has been the top story in Weston, W. Virginia. Now, her mother Lena Lunsford, is making news for herself. Lunsford was indicted on multiple cases of welfare fraud, accused of selling food stamps for $50, five times in two months. Lunsford paid a bond and was released.
Now Lunsford has apparently violated her bond. According to officers, she and her husband Ralph Lunsford were found in constructive possession of bath salts. Her probation officer now wants her under house arrest and treated for substance abuse. If she tries to say that Ralph is the only user, they will ask that the couple live apart until Ralph completes counseling. Lunsford is scheduled to stand trial on the welfare fraud charges on January 17,2012, She has pled not guilty.

Lena had 4 other children ranging in age from 9 months to 11 years. She was pregnant with twins when Aliayah went missing. All of the children have been taken by the state. On the 10th of November Lunsford gave birth to twin girls, who were also taken by the state.

A new picture of Aliayah taken shortly before she went missing, shows what seems to be a bruise on her cheek. She is 3′ and weighs 34lbs. She has brown eyes and brown hair. When last seen she was wearing purple, “Dora the Explorer” pajama bottoms, and a pink princess sweatshirt.

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