Will Michael Vick Ever Win a Superbowl?

I’ve been following Michael Vick since he topped the 2001 NFL Draft and the Atlanta Falcons hitched their success to arguably the most exciting player to ever step onto an NFL field. And, while his tenure in Atlanta may have been a bit tenuous, the team had several flaws, and there wasn’t a formula for success in place. From questionable coaching to a roster filled with holes, the Falcons simply weren’t in a position to make the most of his talents. But, this got me thinking…does Michael Vick have the skill-set that is required to make it to the pinnacle of the National Football League?

While few can deny his play-making abilities, there is something about his style of play that begs several questions:

First off, does a mobile quarterback help or hurt his team in the long-run? I understand the argument that a quarterback with this kind of speed can keep drives alive and put plenty of pressure on a defensive front. However, creating a solid pocket in the NFL can be tough enough, and when your quarterback is ready to bolt on a whim, it can really cause chaos for an offensive line, as they never know where he will be at any given moment.

Secondly, is the mobile nature of Michael Vick’s play ultimately detrimental to the franchise as a whole? Consider that he has only played a full season once in his career, and ask yourself if you would feel comfortable getting 14 games at most from your franchise player. This can be unsettling for a coach, players, and of course, the fans. You had better have a quality back-up QB when you have a player that is slight of frame and prone to big hits when scrambling outside the pocket.

And, finally…it’s prudent to question whether or not Michael Vick actually negates his incredible plays with costly turnovers. It is natural for a QB to want to offer a pump-fake to hold linebackers when he is rolling out of the pocket, but this also puts the football in a vulnerable position. From a simple bump off of his own leg to a slight graze from a defensive end, the ball always seems to pop out when Vick least expects it.

Judging a player based on play-making ability is one thing, but few will argue that franchises in the NFL have a single goal – winning the Superbowl. Michael Vick has yet to play in one, and while some of this can be attributed to not having the team around him to accomplish this feat, there is something to be said for his inability to protect the ball when it counts. Is Michael Vick exciting? Absolutely. Will his exciting style lead to a Championship for Philadelphia? I, for one, am not so sure…

Thanks for listening.

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