Will NY Ink and Ami James Be Enough to Keep TV Tattooing Around yet Another Season?

All it takes is vision. That and a tattoo needle can take you coast to coast. Hot on the heels of the end of Miami Ink is the second season of TLC’s spinoff series NY ink, featuring the tattoo stylings of Ami James and company. The series intro, spoken by fearless leader Ami, pretty much sums up the whole game:

I’m Ami James and I’m a tattoo artist. New York is the greatest city in the world. And to compete here, you have to elevate the game. So I hand-picked the finest tattoo artists around. Because I don’t want the best tattoo shop in New York, I want the best shop in the world. There’s millions of stories in New York City, and our job is to tell them all… in ink.”

Fresh in everyone’s memory, though, is the wild ride that was Miami Ink, Kat Von D’s LA ink spinoff, and the tumult of rumor that surrounds her like a halo of warm, comfortable press releases. With a slew of celebrity clients such as Cory Taylor, Method Man, and a host of other stars and semi-stars, NY ink seems poised to reproduce the magic that has allowed the rest of the series spinoffs to remain in the public eye.

Set in the Wooster Street Social Club, Ami James’ new venture, he injects is typically brash, no-holds-barred attitude to the streets of SoHo, where he should feel right at home! The show airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC. The second season begins this December, with prospective tattooees already lining up for some of Ami James’ signature touch.

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