Will Paul’s Message Play Outside Iowa?

COMMENTARY | The latest polls coming out of Iowa show Rep. Ron Paul of Texas as the new leader of the Republican field. With the Iowa caucuses now less than two weeks away, it would seem that Mr. Paul has a better than average chance of winning. Of course, Iowa is a small state and is not a historically accurate predictor of the eventual Republican nominee or the eventual president? After Iowa, what is Ron Paul’s likelihood of winning other states and claiming the nomination? For most Republican voters, it all comes down to the issues. Just where does Mr. Paul stand on the important issues for Republicans?

Republicans, and especially conservatives, have a set of what I will term foundational values. The first group of these values relates to the size and scope of government. It is here that Ron Paul, in true Libertarian fashion, shines. Mr. Paul has promised to veto any budget sent to his desk that is not balanced and to refuse to increase the debt ceiling. On these issues I believe that the Texas congressman has more credibility than anyone else in the race. These issues have been central to his message for some time and it is exactly what this nation desperately needs. Furthermore, Mr. Paul has some truly revolutionary ideas for tax policy. He has vowed to end estate taxes, abolish income taxes and dismantle the IRS. Were Paul able to accomplish these goals, it would radically reduce the power of the federal government by choking off its sources of revenue. This would gain the support of most conservatives and many Republicans.

Prior to entering politics Mr. Paul was an obstetrician. Having been in the medical field, he realizes how disastrous Obamacare will be for this nation and has vowed to repeal it. Any Republican nominee in 2012 must be absolutely committed to repealing Obamacare. Should we fail to repeal it the country will be fundamentally changed.

The final foundational values that Republicans hold dear revolve around national defense and foreign policy. It is in the foreign policy arena that Mr. Paul is found to be wanting. America can not withdraw from the world and confine herself to her territorial boundaries. America is, and must remain, the leader of the free world. Most Republicans share this view and certainly conservative primary voters believe this. While Mr. Paul may be able to win against a fractured field in Iowa, he will not be able to take this foreign policy vision to the other 49 states and repeat that success. His unique views on foreign policy will be his undoing. When my own state’s primary rolls around in March, I know that I will be voting for another candidate.

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