William Shatner Explores Exploding Turkeys

It may seem like a good idea but be careful when putting that turkey in the deep fryer.
First, do it sober. Then watch it. Never mind, listen to William Shatner. He has a Fryers Club video out there. And did you know that the top three states for these injuries are Illinois, Texas and Ohio. according to a release from State Farm, based in Bloomington, Il.
Oh, there is more: Shatner himself is a “turkey fryer burn survivor.”
“I love to fry turkey and have been doing it for years but I am not immune to frying accidents,” says Shatner. “In fact, my family now gathers together to watch my mishaps. Several years ago I was even burned on my arms after accidentally dropping the turkey in the hot oil. People need to remember that hot oil and turkey can be a dangerous combination.”
Now, take a deep breath, because he knows. And with that, comes this: Shatner is teaming with insurance giant State Farm® to produce a short online “docudrama” recounting his experiences.
Is this for real? You bet. The company is using a person who not only has his own experience but has a wide following and that alone can help get this message out to the masses, and even aliens, or Trekkies, for that matter.
“Only one person was truly capable of getting this important message across in a fun way. The fact that Mr. Shatner actually experienced a turkey fryer accident only brought more realism to his portrayal,” said David Beigie, State Farm Public Affairs Vice President.
Truth is, it is a serious business: “In all seriousness, he’s been a good sport in helping us get the word out about frying safely.”
You can see Shatner’s work on the State Farm YouTube Channel.According to State Farm claims data, more cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. In fact, grease and cooking-related claims more than double on Thanksgiving Day compared to an average day in November.
According to State Farm Insurance claims data, the top 10 states for grease and cooking-related claims on Thanksgiving Day (2005-2010) are as follows:
Texas, 36
Illinois, 24
Ohio, 21
New York, 17
Pennsylvania, 17
Michigan, 15
Florida, 14
Minnesota, 14
Indiana, 13
Louisiana, 12
* Viewers of the Shatner Fryers Club video are encouraged to support the safety campaign by simply liking or commenting on the video and agreeing to stay safe when frying or cooking turkey. For more information, please visit http://www.statefarm.com

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