Wine Baskets Make an Excellent Holiday Gift

Wine baskets make an excellent holiday gift. Instead of buying one, why not make your own? You can make one yourself and save money in the process. This article will explain how to make a decorative basket for the holidays.

You can get many of your supplies at a local dollar store and save money. For this project, you will need scissors, basket, ribbon, colored (red, green, gold, pink, blue) Glad Cling Wrap, pine cones, cheese, crackers, small Christmas card, candle and candy.

Step One; Use any old or cheap basket. The handle-less type will work just fine.
Step Two; Use your colored Glad Cling Wrap. Place it on the work table. Make sure it is large enough to cover the basket with the objects in it. Remember, you can always cut it off later.
Step Three; Place your wine bottle into the center of the basket. If your basket has a handle, the neck of the bottle needs to be secured to it
Step Four; Place the items around the bottom of the wine bottle. Use pine cones that you find outside. They are free. Just clean them first. You could seal them with some polyurethane. This will brighten them up. The candy can should not be melt-able. I suggest the red and white peppermint candy.
Step Five; Sign and place the card into the center.
Step Six; Pull up the colored cling wrap to above the top of the wine bottle and twist it.
Step Seven; Use a colored ribbon and tie it around the top of the basket. Try to match the wrap with the ribbon. Christmas colors are red, green, blue, gold, silver and plaid.

I avoid using any tape. I have always thought that it ruins the appearance of a gift. This why I put the card in the center. I already know who the gift is for.

This type of gift is easy and fun to make. It is inexpensive and you can tailor it to meet the personality of who it is intended for.

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