Winter Fun Guide!

At the near end of fall, people start to become overwhelmed with winter preparations, tidying their yards and homes, and squeezing ideas out of their heads on what new to do this winter. Well, here are a few ideas for your winter wonderland.

The very first thing you can do is, STOP WORRYING! No one is ever truly prepared for winter, therefore its not quite that big of a deal to miss little things here and there. Just relax and let the forgotten to-do list instructions come slowly. You will be a lot happier that you did so, and it will be a lot more relaxing for you, and your family. Now, since you let yourself relax, we get to the fun stuff.

Create a gigantic ice igloo! This can be an amazingly fun thing to do with your kids, even by yourself to surprise them! Nothing is more fun for a youngster to do then to burrow themselves in their own little hideout, away from the outside world. The twinkle in their eye is plenty worth the effort to make your child a winter wonderland.

Next up, you never see anyone enjoying the wild in winter, as if its gone or on vacation during the winter, but its not! Birds still chirp and flutter during the winter too, many searching for food. So, feed them! Buy some bird seed from your local store and throw it into the wind. The birds will love you, and most definitely come back for more. Included in this is searching around your home for deer, squirrel, or rabbit track. You can then put on your detective outfit with your kids and go searching for the end!

Another fun family oriented thing to do is take everyone out in your yard, or to the nearest park, and just play games with the snow. What i mean by this, is try and catch big snowflakes in your mouth, have a contest even, or make snow-angels, snowmen, snow igloos, snow barriers for snowball fights, just anything! There are so many amazing things you can do with snow, you will never run out. The sky is never as clear as it is on winter nights, so i say you take a special someone, or your children or a friend and pick a nice spot with a clear view, throw down a snugly blanket, and just look up at the sky. Often times the simplest of things are quite overlooked. Make sure to bring some hot chocolate in a thermos!

Another fun thing to do in the winter is to look everywhere you go to see who can find the biggest icicle, then bring it home to show your family. Icicles grow to surprising lengths and widths when they are given enough time, it will dazzle you! When you find the right icicle, lick it!

We all love Christmas lights, don’t we? Plan a special night with your family or significant other to just drive or walk around and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights people worked to put up, they are all quite gorgeous.

A huge part of winter is around Christmas time, you get to see the first major snowfall and as you decorate, prepare for it. Take a lot of extra time decorating your home with many kinds of crafts and ideas. Create snowflakes out of construction paper, draw pictures and designs and hang them around your house. Pick different kinds of ornaments out that you want, even sketch a basic design for your upcoming Christmas tree! There are infinite amounts of ideas and things you can decorate with and just have a little fun with. Take your family outside one night with flashlights and pick up pine cones, and all sorts of other materials and make your own big wreath to hang on your front door, this idea can be quite fun and family bonding.

A major family fun trip could be to take your significant other and kids to the slopes. Snowboard/Ski with your family, enjoy a learning amazing experience and admire how well everyone does, enjoy bonding, have lots of silly winter snow fun. Who knows, maybe on of your children, even you, could find a new amazing hobby. Lastly, on this fun list of things to enjoy during the winter is simply take a long walk around in the city, the countryside, even a suburb if you like, and enjoy all the beautiful sights you may see. Take your pet outside and play with it, let your pet experience all the joys of life just as you do.

Winter is so full of fun things to do people often forget, the simplest ideas are almost always overlooked, when they can be such an experience you wouldn’t ever want to miss!

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