Winter Survival 101 with the Kids

In a couple of weeks kids will be out for Winter Break! Yes, for teachers but NO for parents. This year make Winter Break with the child or children one of the best unforgettable holiday survival memories that you and your kids will never forget! Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you create lasting stories to tell in the future.

Let the kids create the meals for the week. Parents are always struggling with what they are going to feed their children for the break. Parents and the child should sit down together and plan a list, go shopping together, and depending on the age, let them help or make the meals. This is a great time to teach kids the value of money, a budget, healthy eating, measurements and it create communication between the family member. Also, check out the site for ideas on recipes.

Let the kids create art and craft for gifts. We all know money is tight this year and prices to buy presents for the holiday are up. Take the kids to local business to buy art supplies and get ideas on things that he or she can make for a gift this holiday. Also, has neat idea on creating gifts for the holiday online. As always, the best gifts are those made with love.

Let the kids make a schedule. Do not let the kids just watch television, play games, nor be on the computer all day. I know it is easy to do it because it keeps them out of your hair and peace in the house. Remember kids are use to being on a schedule because the majority of the day, they are use to being in school and on a schedule. So sit down with your child or children and create a schedule and stick with it. Especially, if you have more than one child, let them know that each hour of the day is dedicated to doing something, rotate what each one is doing. This will cut down on the fighting over who gets the computer, who can play the video games, or “momma he want let me watch my show.” Please, do not forget to throw in some reading time and some math skill, the teacher will thank you for it.

I know these tips seem like the kids will be fighting and arguing the entire time, but surprisingly kids like to be busy and to be doing something. When he or she is idle, is when the hitting, bugging, and fighting with each other starts. So why not try something different, the memories will be worth it!

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