Working Children

I was only two months old when they came and got me. The Labor Management said there was a severe labor shortage and I had to go to work now. I asked them about growing up first, about having a childhood, and even about school. They said it was all a waste of time and unnecessary, grabbed me and threw me in a box. They carried me out to a truck with a bunch of crying babies, threw me in, and they drove off to the mountains. It was here I noticed a big rocket they were preparing to launch.

Imagine my suprize when they drove up to the rocket. This was going to be a baby launching. Trying to put up a fight, I was quickly overpowered by a little girl who threw me in the rocket. The door slammed shut and I was in the dark once again. I tried to crawl away, which is still a new experience, when the whole world exploded. It felt like I was hurtling through space. Finally someone cane in and picked me up, fed me, and threw me back down again. Back in the dark.

After several routines of this and a lot of sleeping going on, the rocket shuddered and we landed on the moon. A little girl drug me out of the rocket, gave me a little shovel, and said I was assigned to section 28-3. The gravity on the moon is a lot lighter, so when the little girl threw me, I landed right in the middle of section 28-3.

Now here I sit working in the moon mines trying to plan my escape. Using baby labor to mine the moon is wrong and we are planning a baby revolt. We need money for weapons and some help with the mission. This is where you can show your support by coming to the moon and help us in our rebellion. If you want to just send money to support our cause, we use moon rubles here. I hope to see you back on Earth soon.

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