World of the Latte

Every visit to a coffee shop means one thing: to get something to drink besides H2O, soda and alcohol beverages. Why would anyone go to a coffee shop in the first place? Obviously, to drink specialized coffee and to socialize a bit.

Whenever I get a chance to visit a coffee house shop, I find myself ordering coffee that is not from the home kitchen–Maxwell House-type. It is usually coffee that is common in other parts of the world. In this case, it is the latte, which literally means the combination of coffee and milk and it is Italian. How did I guess that? Just a lucky guess! In addition to it being formulated with expresso and milk that is hot, it is usually prepared in the home and served during breakfast–at least in Italy. If anyone wants to make the later the Italian way, the Moka Pot is used in the coffee making process and is mixed into the the warm milk, which is not foamed. Have to try it–Italian-style!

As for the rest of us from an international perspective, we can also have our simulated Italian-style latte. The catch is having the proper equipment that consists of an eight-ounce cup of expresso, one shot, which can either be single or double along with warm milk. Foamed milk that is half an inch thick on top and one layer is also included. This is not the only way the latte, or caffelatte can be served. The drink can be served with strong coffee along with hot milk. That’s my kind of coffee–decaffeinated to a point, since I am not much of a coffee drinker. As an occasional coffee drinker, the latte has to be my favorite. With drinking latte, there are the best of both worlds–coffee and milk. There is the taste of caffeine and at the same time, the taste of Elsie’s milk. An admission: the caffelatte’s flavor has the resemblance of coffee.

Some people have complained about the prices of some of the exclusive coffee houses in terms of the coffee product. So what is the solution: according to many individuals, brew up a bootleg latte. Yes, bootleg, as in a bootleg movie. The difference is that it is coffee. In the bootleg latte business, the consumers get a chance to customize their own drink. This is conducted by ordering a cup of expresso at a very low price and combining with milk and the “extra” ingredients. These “extras” are sold for free at the bar that has the condiments.

The bottom line: whether the latte is made at someone’s home kitchen, at an exclusive coffee shop or a bootleg latte, the main purpose is the same. Drink and be merry!


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