WOT World of Tanks Favorite Video Game for 2011

This free to play PC game has great graphics and audiovisual effects.

Watch a WOT intro video.

Experience epic tank battles & armored warfare in mid-20th century setting.

Over a dozen maps from Eastern Europe, Germany, North Africa, Italy – These different battlefields offer great strategic challenges and replay value, with different battle conditions.

Current maps available are: Karelia, Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Ensk, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Mines, Komarin, Cliff, Abbey, Sand River, Ruinberg, El Halluf, Westfield, Redshire, Arctic Region, Mountain Pass, Steppes, and Siegfried Line.

WOT has a very large choice of armory from tank destroyers, tanks, and artillery pieces. More than 150 vehicles, from Germany, Soviet Union, and the United States. Authentic World War 2 tanks, even experimental models, and prototypes that have never been produced, can be experienced on the virtual battlefield.

Public games are 15 vs 15 players, Teamwork is a big part of winning the game. The matchmaker attempts to balance the tank tiers as best as possible shuffling light, medium, and heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery. Each tank coming with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

That is where vehicle upgrade and crew development becomes a crucial aspect of the game. Tanks can employ Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, and Radioman (which all need training). Upgrade your tanks with new modules: Gun, Turret, Engine, Suspension, and Radio.

Improve your tank even further by adding additional equipment like Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, Rammer and more. You can even change your ammo from armor piercing to High Explosive rounds. There are also consumables you can use during game play to help your crew or tank: Small Repair Kit, Small First Aid Kit, Manual Fire Extinguisher, and more.

There are random/public battles where you can gain XP to level your tanks. Training battles where you can practice and not worry about paying damage and ammunition fees. One can also team up with a Tank Company Battle to go into warfare. And finally, once you’ve become adept at the game , one can join a clan and experience “Clan Wars”. Where organized teams come together to experience and attempt to gain world domination through tank warfare. The global map is divided into provinces which clans battle over.

Even though WOT is free to play, you gain in game credits to spend, the game also offers a premium account and tanks, one can purchase with a currency they call gold. This does give a certain advantage by gaining levels faster and obtaining tanks otherwise not available to the free payer. Non the less a fantastic, addictive video game, and clearly one of the best new games for 2011.

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