Write a Novel This November During National Novel Writing Month

Have you ever desired to write your own novel, but somehow just seem to lack the inspiration or motivation to do so? November is National Novel Writing Month, and this just may be the perfect time to set a goal for yourself and get going on that novel!

There is a very cool website for aspiring novel writers, at National Novel Writing Month, also referred to as NaNoWriMo (see www.nanowrimo.org), which gives you the encouragement and support you need and allows you to track your own progress. The goal of this site is for you to complete your rough draft from November 1-30, during the one month period. If you’ve ever needed that additional incentive to get going on your project, there is no time like the present. You can sign up for NaNoWriMo on the website mentioned above.

So, now that you have a great resource to use to accomplish your mission, what else should you do to get prepared before starting? Do you have an idea for your novel, such as plot, setting, and ideas for characters? These are things you need to consider before attempting to write your rough draft.Try to gather your ideas before you begin, which will make your progress much easier than going at it “cold”. Be sure to take notes as you write, noting specific details about your characters, such as ages, background, etc. Pay special importance to any dates mentioned in your novel, as readers will notice , and make sure that the timeline of your story stays consistent throughout. Set aside a certain time each day if possible, to devote to your writing, and work on it for a set amount of time each day in order to achieve your goal.

If you’re lacking inspiration, consider the types of novels you enjoy reading, and decide if you would like to try that type of novel or pursue something totally different. Think about your own family and friends, and all of life’s little dramas that have played out for them through the years. You almost certainly can find some inspiration by just thinking back on your life experiences. Be sure not to use real names when dealing with personal experiences that are sensitive, and turn things around to make this a work of fiction, only loosely basing it on reality, so no one gets upset. Remember, you want to write a fictional novel, not air your family’s dirty laundry.

November is the perfect opportunity to get to work on that novel that’s been nothing more than a thought in the back of your mind. Bring your characters, ideas, and plots to life during November, and just think of what a great personal accomplishment it will be! Be sure to be creative, and add lots of detail to your work, so that the reader can sit back and actually picture the scenario being played out through your words.

Good luck and have fun while writing your first novel.

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