WWE Mattel Toy Wrestling Ring Christmas Shopping Guide

After filling Christmas stockings with WWE action figures, you can complete the Mattel WWE collection with an official toy wrestling ring. Mattel’s rings feature the standard WWE ring, but each set includes exclusive extras like entrance stages, weapons and launch pads for WWE figures.

Sort through the various Mattel WWE rings to find the best toy wrestling arena for your child.

WWE Colossal Crashdown Arena Playset

This huge playset is made with several launch pads for WWE Mattel Flex Force figures. It comes packaged with a standard WWE Raw ring, but the highlight here is the arena display that it comes with.

Attached to both sides of the ring are huge rigs that the action figures can climb and wrestle on. The top of the arena features a simulated Titantron that wrestlers can crash through the center of. A small hanging rope provides the opportunity for ladder matches with replica belts or briefcases.

The whole thing can crash into the ring to create chaotic and imaginative matches.

WWE Rumblers Transforming Rumble Rig Vehicle Playset

The WWE Rumblers from Mattel are mini WWE figures with their own playsets and weapons. There are a couple of wrestling ring choices for the figures, but nothing compares to the Transforming Rumble Rig playset.

The rig is a large truck featuring WWE wrestler decals on the outside. Once the trucks flips open and transforms, it reveals a full entrance side and WWE Rumbler wrestling ring. The set comes with a Rey Mysterio figure, steel steps, a trash can and a WWE ladder.

Money in the Bank Ring

The annual Money in the Bank pay per view features WWE Superstars competing for a chance at a guaranteed WWE title shot. Players can recreate that match with the official ring set. The set has flashing lights, WWE sound effects and a moveable crane that supports the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The set comes with one ladder, two top turnbuckle launch pads and a retractable Titantron that holds the Money in the Bank crane.

Other rings to look for during the holiday season are the basic WWE Mattel rings. This includes a Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Smackdown and Raw ring. The rings are all the same with the only differences being the color of the ring ropes and decals included.

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