WWE Presents the Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber is a wrestling Pay-Per-View (PPV) presented by the WWE. This years PPV will take place Sunday February 19 th 2012. This years Elimination Chamber will feature two Elimination Chamber Matches. One Chamber Match will be for the WWE Championship and the other for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Elimination Chamber is 16 feet high, 36 feet in diameter, consists of over 2 miles of chain, and weighs over 10 tons. Two superstars start the match, while the other four are locked up in a plexiglass chamber. After a certain amount of time has passed one of the chambers will open allowing another superstar to enter the match. A superstar is eliminated by pin fall or submission, the last superstar standing is the winner of the match.

The Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship will feature the Champion CM Punk and the five challengers Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and R-Truth. In my article titled “Who Will Win the Raw Elimination Chamber?” I selected CM Punk as the winner.

The Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship will feature the Champion Daniel Bryan and the five challengers The Big Show, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and The Great Khali. In my article titled “Who Will Win the SmackDown Elimination Chamber?” I originally selected Randy Orton as the winner of this Match; However, Orton recently suffered a concussion which will keep him out of the Elimination Chamber. Orton has been replaced by Santino Marella. Marella is a long shot to win this Match. Marella has never held the World Heavyweight Championship but with the help of his ‘COBRA’ Marella could be one of the finally two Superstars in the Match. Now that Marella has been added to the Match he could be the weak link that Bryan exposes to pick up the victory. Hopefully, the WWE does not show Marella as a weak competitor nor allow Bryan to pick up the victory. Now that Orton has gone done with an injury, Wade Barrett is my pick to win this Match.

The Elimination Chamber will also feature an Ambulance Match between John Cena and Kane. Cena and Kane battled at the Royal Rumble but the Match ended in a double count out. This time there will be no count outs, no disqualifications, no pin falls, no submissions. The only way to win the Ambulance Match is to place your opponent in the back of an ambulance and shut both doors. With WrestleMania approaching Kane has been trying to get Cena to embrace the hate. Kane feels it is the only way for Cena to defeat The Rock. Whether or not Cena truly embraces the hate, he will still win this Match. With WrestleMania approaching the WWE does not want Cena looking weak. By defeating Kane, Cena looks strong and looks like he is ready to face The Rock. For that reason I’m giving the victory to Cena.

The Elimination Chamber will also feature a Divas Championship Match between the Champion Beth Phoneix and the challenger Tamina Snuka. The WWE has been building Tamina up. She recently took on the last name of her father, Jimmy ‘Super Fly’ Snuka. Even though Tamina has taken on the last name of her father it will not be enough for her to pick up the victory. If Phoenix picks up the victory the WWE can continue to build Tamina up with the WWE Universe. It will also allow the feud between both of these Divas to continue. For those reasons I’m giving the victory to Beth Phoenix.

Since only four Matches have been announced look for Jack Swagger to defend his United States Championship or for Epico and Primo to defend their Tag Team Championships. It is also possible Brodus Clay will be in action after being absented from WWE Television the past few weeks.


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