WWE Vengeance: 2011 Pay-Per-View Results

WWE Tag Titles Match: Air Boom (C) vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

Winner: Air Boom retains their tag titles

At the end of the match, Ziggler dodged the Trouble in Paradise, but Kingston used a double knee attack on Ziggler. Jack Swagger tried to stop Kofi, but accidentally hit Dolph instead. Jack locked in the ankle lock on Kingston, but Bourne broke it up. Kofi was able to land the Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler and tagged in Bourne. Bourne hit the shooting star press on Ziggler, and got the 3 count.

United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Winner: Ziggler retains his US Title

Ziggler retains his US Championship against Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder seemed as if he was about to win the US Title. Ryder landed his face wash kick in the corner on Ziggler, but Swagger pulls him down. Ziggler attempts the Zig Zag, but Ryder holds on the ropes to avoid Ziggler’s finisher. Ryder kicks Swagger away, but walks right into a superkick from Dolph. Ziggler earns a 3 count and retains his US Title.

Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix (C) for the Divas Championship

Winner: Beth Phoenix retains her title

Before this match occurred, footage was aired that showed Natalya attacking Kelly Kelly while being interview by WWE.com. The Bellas and Beth Phoenix watched as the attack happened. Eve came to Kelly Kelly’s rescue, and the officials broke it up eventually. It lead to Johnny Ace banning Kelly Kelly and Natalya from ringside in the Divas Title Match.

Eve came close to winning this match, but missed her moonsault from the top rope. Beth Phoenix hit the Glam Slam and easily earned a three count to retain her title.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus attempted the Brogue kick, but Christian counted with the spear. Christian attempted a pinfall, but Sheamus kicked out. Sheamus got out of the ring. Sheamus caught Christian with some huge right hands that sent him back into the ring. Sheamus went to the top turnbuckle, but Christian stopped him. Christian climbed atop with Sheamus and landed a hurricanrana. Christian attempted another spear, but Sheamus countered with the Brogue Kick for the win.

CM Punk & Triple H vs. the Awesome Truth

Winner: The Awesome Truth

HHH made the tag and Punk came in the ring with a springboard clothesline on Miz. Punk battles Truth and Miz, and simultaneously landed a bull dog and clothesline on Truth and Miz. Punk attempted a pinfall on Miz, but got a two count. Punk went to the top rope, but R-Truth stopped him. HHH stopped Truth and tossed him to the time keeper’s area. Punk landed the elbow drop (tribute to Macho Man), while HHH and Truth fought outside of the ring. Suddenly, Kevin Nash emerges out of nowhere and attacks HHH. CM Punk attempts the GTS on Miz, but Truth breaks it up. The Miz and truth landed their finishers at the same time, and pinned CM Punk for the win.

After the Match:

Kevin Nash powerbombs Triple H and left the arena through the crowd. HHH is helped to the back by 2 referees.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Winner: Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes dropped down to the ring mat and started to copy Orton’s mannerisms. Orton regains a vertical based and landed a dropkick on Rhodes. The dropkick sent Rhodes to the apron, and Orton landed his rope assisted DDT. Cody called for a bagger, who charged towards Orton. Orton moved at the right time, and the bagger crashed into Rhodes. Orton landed the RKO for the win.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry (c) for World Title

Winner: Mark Henry retains the World Title

Big Shows climbs to the top rope and Mark Henry stops Big Show, as Show sits at the top rope. Shockingly, Mark Henry lands a huge superplex that immediately breaks the ring. Henry and Show are both laid out after the superplex. Replays are repeatedly shown, and everyone is shocked after witnessing Henry landing a superplex on Show, which broke the ring. Johnny Ace and Teddy Long came down to the ring.

Big Show is carted off on a cart, and Show is cursing as he is taken to the back. Henry is helped out of the ring, but falls to the floor. Henry is helped to a vertical base, but pushes away the officials and starts to crawl on his own. Teddy Long asks Henry to allow officials to help him, but Mark refuses (and screams “He is the Champion”). Henry eventually allows some assistance, but makes it to the backstage area on his own power.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio (c): Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title

Winner: Del Rio retains his title

The Awesome Truth makes their way to the ring and attack Cena. Miz hits Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale, followed by Truth’s Lie Detector. The ref is too distracted to make the counted on Del Rio because of Miz and Truth. Finally, the ref starts to count out both guys and Del Rio makes it to his feet at four. Cena gets up at 9, but Del Rio uses the WWE Title to hit Cena in the head. Cena fails to make the 10 count, and Del Rio retains his title.

Source: WWE Vengeance on PPV

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