Yahoo! Shopping Guide: Surround Sound Systems

This holiday, Yahoo! Shopping is featuring special deals on electronics. I was looking for a good surround sound speaker system. Specifically, I wanted a 5.1 system which would fit in my TV/game room with a 42″ LCD TV. I browsed several brands and compared Bose 21725 Surround Package, RC Micro 5.1 Speaker system, JBL Harmon Kardon SCS-145, and Polk Audio RM75-5 PAC 5-piece home theater speaker systems.

Here’s what I found:

Bose 21725

Priced at $359, this 200W (per channel), this Acoustimass 5 speaker system includes direct/reflecting cube speakers, and a subwoofer or Acoustimass module (along with 4 20″ speaker cables and adhesive rubber feet). Designed for stereo sound in larger rooms, or as part of component home theater setup, this surround sound system delivers balance of reflected and direct sound similar to a live performance. Along with magnetic shielding for proximity to TV, automatic protection circuitry, and Syncom certification of quality, this patented Bose design “produces low frequencies for all channels with no distortion.”

RC Micro 5.1

Prices start at $399 for this 5 speaker and one sub-woofer system delivering total 740 Watts (subwoofer outputs 240-watts) from Energy Speakers. This compact collection includes satellite speakers with 2.5″ high-excursion aluminum cone woofer for midrange frequencies, a 0.5″ hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeter for crisp trebles, and a center channel with identical configuration for accurate dialogue, featuring Ribbed Elliptical surround for great bass extension. The system features high-gloss black finish designed to look great with flat panels.

JBL Harmon Kardon SCS-145

Starting at $329, this system, featuring four satellite 2-way speakers and a subwoofer, is rated 4.5 out of 5. The satellites are titanium-laminate-dome tweeters and center channel speaker uses the same transducer as the satellites for seamless pans. Two midrange provide extra power and clarity in dialogue channel. The subwoofer delivers 100 Watts.

Polk Audio RM75-5 PAC

Prices start as low as $169.99, making this the most cost efficient 5-piece home theater speaker system. Its sophisticated Reuleaux Triangular Polygon shape minimizes resonances and standing waves inside the speakers, delivering fine midrange frequencies, while eliminating “boominess” from small speakers that makes them sound “muddy”. The front and rear satellites, center satellite, combined with subwoofer deliver total 100 Watts power.

After comparing the prices and specifications of the four brands, I have decided to opt for Bose simply for the quality and its name. I wanted to enjoy the sound that it delivers especially when I’m watching my favorite action/adventure movies with acoustic special effects or live concerts on my 42″ LCD. I think it’s a good buy and worth the price.

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