Yes! ‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin Shares Legal (Often Personal) Wisdom for Three More Years

Judy Sheindlin recently promised on “CBS Sunday Morning,” January 8, 2012, she would continue filming her real life courtroom show, “Judge Judy,” at least until 2015. We are cheering this announcement because we can relate to the people who are conned, lied to, robbed, and betrayed. After all, at some point in our lives, it has happened to us.

We are the victims of evil neighbors, revengeful exes, irresponsible pet owners, and bad hairdressers. We are the grandparents who are denied their grandchildren. We are the good friends who are now broke because we loaned our funds away. We are the owners of damaged vehicles because someone decided to ignore the stop sign.

Yes, we have been there! Oh, we know the injustice. We wish, we could send the ones who did us wrong to “Judge Judy’”s courtroom. We would give anything to hear her set them straight. Let them have it! Let the world know what kind of low-life scumbags they really are! That is, what we call, satisfaction.

It is only small fish when it happens to others. However, the minute when we discover the key marks all over our new car, it turns into the crime of the century. Thankfully, “Judge Judy” will treat our cases as such. She has zero tolerance for lame excuses, outrageous behavior, and people who think they are smarter than she is. Yes, we can think of all kinds of wrong doers we want to place on the stand in front of her.

While we dream of our day in court, we listen and learn from the lady who, in spite of her fame, has not lost touch with the realities of our ordinary lives. She understands the hard work it takes to raise a child. She is a firm believer in tough love, and she commands parents to be parents. She instructs teens to respect the adults in their lives. She (almost) comforts the middle-aged lady who lost a small fortune supporting a free loader, and affirms, “Women do stupid things when they’re in love.”

There is a black sheep in every family. Yes, it is good to see that we are not the only ones. Many have lazy sons who still live at home at 32 and don’t contribute to any household expenses. We applaud like crazy when the Judge strips them of all integrity. After all, they just sued their mothers for selling their flat screen TVs!

We shake our heads about the daughter who uses her child support check to go to tanning booths, and tattoo parlors. Sure, we have a relative like that. And, what about the cousin who came to stay for just a little while, then occupied our place for two years? Oh, let’s not even go there.

All our feelings of anger and resentment are represented on the show. At least, for three more years, we can count on “Judge Judy” Scheindlin’s acknowledgement of the unfairness in our lives. We can pretend that our offenders will finally meet their match. We can go to sleep knowing that justice will be done.

Sources: Rita Braver CBS Sunday Morning,” January 8, 2012
IMDb Memorable Quotes for “Judge Judy”
IMDb Memorable Quotes for “Judge Judy”

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