You Have Not, Because You Ask Not: My Testimony on How GOD Delivered Me Out of an Abusive Relationship

Mark 11:24

24Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

GOD is amazing. HE loves us so much that even when we are in the midst of living in sin, HE is there to help when we ask HIM to. Even if we aren’t saved or born again. At least that is my story. I remember living with my children’s father back in 1991-92. I first joined him in 1991 when I moved in with him and his mother. Big mistake. I don’t know what was worse: me living with him, or me living with him and his mother. I’ve since forgiven them both, else I would have a whole bunch to say about them both. When I moved in, I was pregnant with my son. It was me, my children’s father, his mother, her husband and his sister. Oh yeah, there was one more person there: poverty. I say this, because, we were some broke somebodies, let me tell you. At first, I refused to get welfare, because of the negative stuff attached to it. His mother was highly miffed at that, because she got welfare. My children’s father received a disability check of $500 a month. She got a little over $150-$200 something a month. Her husband was out of work, and so was the sister. I worked for a while at Burger King, until he made me quit the job, because I came home late. I was living a couple of miles from my parents. I had left one household filled with fear for another one. The difference was that, at my parents house, there was plenty of food to eat. With my children’s father’s family, there were days that we didn’t have nothing but bread, scraps, etc. I was pregnant, mind you. My mind was so weak, I didn’t have the sense to leave. I could’ve left, but I allowed myself to be talked into staying there with them.
Eventually, I had the baby and we moved into trailer park type community, meaning we lived in an apartment, but the complex was full of trailer park type mentalities. Back at his mother’s house, the abuse was mental and emotional. In the apartment, it became really physical. The worse time was when after he had flunked out of EMT school, he asked me why did I think he failed. I told him (as meekly as I could.) it was because he didn’t study. While I had my 8 day old daughter in my arms, ( my son was 1 something.) he took the ring-cone cone part, and beat me upside my head. While I had my 8 day old daughter in arms. he choked me, hit me. It takes the power of GOD to forgive. It also takes the power of GOD to ask GOD for help.

One day I was reading an article in Essence magazine. This woman told about how she was in abusive relationship, and how she asked GOD to get her out. I’ll never forget that she said that she told GOD that if HE got her out of this situation, she’d never go back. I prayed that same prayer. It was a month later when GOD got me out.

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