Your Most Difficult Decision

Was that your most difficult decision?

Was that your hardest choice?

When you stood there looking at me,

And you were thinking of saying goodbye?

I remember still the heartache,

Even in these times,

You told me you wanted me,

You told me you needed me,

You told me sweet words,

That ended up cutting me,

The words sliced,

And they diced to the depth,

Of my very soul,

And sometimes I wonder,

If I meant anything to you at all,

She saw my face that day,

The day you said your goodbye,

Even if it wasn’t by words,

She saw the actions,

And knew what she was preparing for,

She has always been my best friend,

Reaching out in my time of need,

One who was like a sister,

Even though not by blood,

Fourteen years I have known her,

She has always been there,

And I have to wonder,

Was it your most difficult decision?

Did you even have a thought?

Did you even try?

Where was the communication?

Was I just a play thing?

You made me believe,

The lies within those words,

Made me feel safe,

And secure,

But it was all a lie,

And it cut me through,

And through,

To depths I couldn’t understand,

So short of a time,

But so strong,

I thought I finally hit the luck,

I had been hoping for so long,

Was it your most difficult decision?

Or did you even take a moment?

Did you even consider someone more?

Than just yourself?

So much selfishness,

All you cared was your own needs,

Your own desires,

Did not even listen to me,

Did not even see how I felt,

And how it hurt me through,

And through,

She has always been there,

She was the first one I felt,

Could truly understand,

But I want to know,

Was it your most difficult decision?

To just break it off,

Without even a conversation?

To even consider my side?

These questions are in my mind,

I might never know the answers,

But I know this,

You won’t be a part of my life,

And you will never know her,

And just how many things,

You are missing on,

Because you were selfish,

And only cared about your own desires.

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