ZapGrab by Cnet Screenshot Software Review; Is This Program Really Free?

The internet screenshot program, zapgrab, distributed by cnet, is not free. Here is my review.

I found zapgrab via a google search and the search results all were sites that had positive reviews and offered the download or other downloads. Whatever, so I downloaded the software. It was advertised as free and unlimited.

Upon downloading, it came as a zipped file that asked a password. I deleted that file, registered, got the direct download link, and downloaded zapgrab again from cnet.

This time, the file was unzipped. But when I went to open it, it said parts of it needed to be extracted. I selected to extract from the popup menu and it said that I needed again to enter the password.

There was a link to a webpage that came with the zapgrab download from cnet. Upon opening the webpage, it charged $6.99 for the licence to get the password to use the software.

I have no problem with charging money for a service. Don’t go saying that it’s free and luring people into wasting their time for nothing, tell them upfront that there is a charge. Because this company used deceptive marketing, I cannot trust them nor recommend this program.

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